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A question of Magic
16:02:41 Jun 26th 10 - Mr. Bonetroll:

Something baffles me when it comes to magic - one moment I am told I have 98% chance of a successful cast but I choose not to cast, ... next tick, having added about 180 or more MT's to my over 8k MT's and an additional heap of MU's, I am expecting to now have closer to 100% success if not 100% but at next attempt I now get only 89% success reported as a possibility !!!!?
- Where has the other 9% gone !!?

This is very majorly baffling as tick after tick I add on moreMT's  and MU's but keep getting the same result, 98% one moment back down to 89% the next even though I again did not cast at 98% or 89% - what exactly is going on here !!?
... was only at lvl 2 Magic attempting but not actually casting lvl 1 spells at one and only one target time and time again.

... anyone clued up and willing to explain pls ?

16:09:07 Jun 26th 10 - Dr. Evil:

It was most probably related to the roll of the dice

If you are casting on someone else it can also be related to their happiness level, magic protection and or number of mus.

19:54:10 Jun 26th 10 - Mr. Bonetroll:

The results I gave was from only attempting to cast on one off my villages, had a constant 100% moral.

I suppose I ought to have kept a closer look at the roll of the dice, was looking everywhere else but there for the reason.

Thanks Dr Evil, that more or less clears that up til I can have another go at experimenting
... that is unless anyone else has a different explanation for the phenomena :)

08:52:39 Jun 27th 10 - Duke Random The Silver Buttrapeachu:

bonetroll, with magic there are a lot of variables.

it depends on:

  1. Range from you to your target
  2. Magic power cast with (amount of MU and magic science)
  3. Spell level
  4. Magic Defense of the target.
now if you're casting the same spell at the same distance with MORE magic power I'm thinking that the target you are casting on has gained magic protection since the last time you cast on it.

NOTE: the size of a city also affects your casting percentages quite substantially at low power... so if your city grew in size that may also have been the case...

I really have no idea where dr evil's explanation came from..... but it makes no sense, plus you can't even see the dice roll on magic casts....

10:11:01 Jun 27th 10 - Mr. Bonetroll:

Thanks for that explanation Duke Random TSP
... while the targeting city grew in terms of MT's and MU's the target was also growing in size in terms of Walls, GT's and MT's so that might have something to do with it
... but the 98% to 89% change was also seen in consecutive attempts during the same tick and so I am stilll left with some uncertainty,
... makes me wonder if there is some loss in power in respect of ability to cast brought about merely from the attempt at casting - if one attempts a cast, wether one actually cast sor not, power is lost effecting any future attempt until some sort of recharge over time

... I am most grateful for any and all attempts to answer the question or at least assist in bringing about possible causues for the phenomena

10:28:40 Jun 27th 10 - Duke Random The Silver Buttrapeachu:

oh so you did attempt to cast.

when you cast a spell some of your MU and MT are destroyed.

this in turn will lower your magic power which in turn lowers your chances.

12:29:02 Jun 27th 10 - Mr. Bonetroll:

In order to show figures that tell you the success rate of a cast you need to attempt, if you do cast, which I did not on the occasions I refer to in this thread, you might as you say loose MT's and MU's in most cases, to my understanding not neccesarily all the time tho with 100%

So no, I did not cast and if I did as I have on other occasions, I would also know about the losses - point a bit lost on me..

15:09:24 Jun 27th 10 - Duke Random The Silver Buttrapeachu:

ah ok... I thought you meant that you attempted to cast a spell, not just brought up the spell casting screen to see your chances.

then it is probably due to one of the prior listed factors affecting your target....

there is no other explanation for it really...

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