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11:43:58 Dec 8th 08 - Duke Random:

I had an army of 1200 famers left over from filling my farms, and i went to attack a scout.

as is my thinking at the moment an army in the field gets an average of both attack and defense right?

well my 1200 farmers should therefor have 600 op as they are 0/1

but going to attack one scout i get the message that i am too weak to attack. it is an elf scout so there isn't the possibility of it actually being too weak to attack, unless the elf has lvl100 magic or something stupid.... what am i doing wrong?

11:51:14 Dec 8th 08 - Mr. Bah Humbugs Shiny Balls:

ITs the avergage of Op and DP on defense only in the field.. OP is always OP. In this case 0..

12:04:56 Dec 8th 08 - Duke Random:

ah ok thanks :)

15:30:32 Dec 8th 08 - Mr. Thermite:

I thought it was Half of the OP + DP

But hey D:

15:34:30 Dec 8th 08 - Lord Wraith:

Thats only for the defence in the field ;p

00:56:50 Dec 9th 08 - Mr. Pilosa:

For those too lazy to click on the button called "The Guide"


The Strength of the units are shown as Offence & Defence. Offence means how good the unit is at attacking and defence means how good the unit is at defending (cities). When an army get attacked on the field, half the defence and half the offence is calculated as defence.


07:53:48 Dec 9th 08 - Duke Random:

well you learn something every day.

16:44:11 Dec 9th 08 - Lord Cedric Deallus:

That is what makes the world so great :D Lets have cake!

01:10:45 Dec 10th 08 - Duke Random:

yay cake! :)

19:17:49 Dec 10th 08 - Prince Validus Septim II:

*Septim imagines one elf kicking the crap out of 1,200 angry farmers. He then hears the words "Let's have cake" and jumps up.


22:46:09 Dec 11th 08 - Ms. Nina:

Oh I did not know that... So now I see Elf Archers are not so good in the field...



650 2 10


Defense is actually only 6

01:48:45 Dec 14th 08 - Duke Random:

yep but they're bloody good in a blocker :)

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