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Adventurer Finds
20:44:05 Jan 4th 12 - Polydeuces (Mr. Valkyros IX):

Are adventurers supposed to find stuff while they are stationary?  Because I have found more sciences, gold, and EXP while they were just sitting there than while they were moving.  3 days of moving, found maybe 4-5 total things.. today alone while not moving I've found:

05:00:22 - Our adventurers found a treasure worth 510000 gold

03:00:21 - Our adventurers found a treasure worth 510000 gold

02:00:23 - Even More Exp V gained 4 experience from adventuring.

06:00:22 - Our adventurers found a secret dwarf mining tool; increasing our mining science.

14:00:19 - Our adventurers found a very unusual crop! It increased our farming science.

12:00:20 - More Exp II gained 4 experience from adventuring.

11:00:22 - Our adventurers found a magic ring! It increased the magic level within our realm.

02:39:58 Jan 5th 12 - ZeTa (VU Admin):

As of now, you can find stuff as long as you are outside a city.

18:22:34 Jan 6th 12 - Mithras (Prince Mithras of Arunun):

^^when were you planning on telling everyone? :P

20:44:04 Jan 6th 12 - Penguin (Mr. Pluto The Spacepussymonsta):

it has been like that for a long time...

22:19:08 Jan 6th 12 - Polydeuces (Mr. Marvin The Martian):

Nah, not that long... I've had armies with 100xp sitting there for days as I forgot about them and they never found anything.  This was not long ago at all, such as Fantasia age 9 lol.

23:34:10 Jan 6th 12 - Penguin (Mr. Penguin The Yellow Eyed Demon):

i remember back in the days, before these stupid "ages" instead of eras. it was like that if you dont move you can still find stuff :O

00:05:35 Jan 7th 12 - Kobuskan (Mr. Kob The Stealer):

I dont often aggree with Penguin but now I do

02:45:48 Jan 7th 12 - Polydeuces (Mr. Valkyros X):

Perhaps he is correct, just saying I've never found anything until that day without moving my advents.

12:03:28 Jan 7th 12 - Wilberforce (Ms. Katey Burton):

Yeah, it has been that way for a long time. I agree with Kob and Peng.

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