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19:03:08 Mar 16th 10 - Mr. Arthos V:

"Armies that have adventurers in them will be able to find treasures like gold or artifacts that will increase their science level."

After my first era playing Halfling I must say it is very difficult to find anything. Any tip would be appreciated. Do you need both high experience and alot of adventures to be able to find something?

19:31:24 Mar 16th 10 - Sir Burninglegion The Vengeful:

lots of adventures and i believe 10-50 find things then just run around

19:48:09 Mar 16th 10 - Mr. Rocknrolla:

5+ exp, and atleast 4k advents

When i only had 2 armies that size i made about 3-4 discoveries a day.

21:26:23 Mar 16th 10 - Mr. Theophilus XVIII:

I played Several Eras with Adventurers, had an army as large as 110K of them. Never found a single thing, and yes, they had Experience.

10:56:24 Mar 17th 10 - Mr. Aloysius:

the chance of getting treasures also depends on the other halflings in the game.

(Someone correct me if its a little inaccurate)  if other halfling armies has more experience than your army, it is more likely that they will get more treasures first than you for a day. :D

17:35:50 Mar 17th 10 - Sir Burninglegion The Vengeful:

i think the armys need to be pure advents , im not positive

17:59:12 Mar 17th 10 - Sir Lanoc:

No, they don't.

19:33:13 Mar 17th 10 - Judge Kobuskan:

You need at least 12-15exp to get things started

07:51:44 Mar 18th 10 - Duchess Cawkmaster:


aiming a little high are we BL :|

unless you're using halfer exp feeding tactics I doubt that you'll get an army with taht much exp.

you can find stuff with 0-5exp but it very rare and you gotta be damn lucky, you might find 1 or 2 things in an era.

10 exp plus starts to get your finds going.... like kobu said....

15:49:50 Mar 18th 10 - Mr. Arthos V:

thanks for info. so best to have 10+ exp. how many adventures are needed? rocknrolla says 4k. can anyone confirm?

16:43:34 Mar 18th 10 - Sir Burninglegion The Vengeful:

more then 4k

10:43:11 Mar 20th 10 - Judge Kobuskan:

The amount of adventures is not really that important, its only important on finding gold treasures, 4k adventures find 4000k gold, 100k adv find 100000k gold, but that only money, the things you want to find are free exp points 1,3 or 5, or free science upgrades.

In my best era as halfer i adventured 23 free science upgrades, most of them farm or forest science and some mill, mining and magic science, never found med science.

There are players around that found more upgrades, but all this happend before Zeta  made it more difficult to get exp point, now you only get exp when you attack something that has more then 5k OP i believe, and with that Zeta crippled the halfer special bonus, like he did when it was possible to merge in adventures in The army of dead, Zeta fixed that also and you cannot merge into the army of dead anymore, which makes The army of dead cast worthless.

So every time you creativity finds a solutions to get an advantage, Zeta cripples it the following era :( , my advice is if you figger out something which gives you advantage just shut you mouth and tell nobody.

11:53:32 Mar 20th 10 - Mr. Dionysos:

Last era I played Halfling for the extremely high income that you get and the strength OOP. They are better now that they have less troop upkeep and the eras are shorter. FAR more then half of my income came from properly using Adventurers.

You need at least 5 exp to find any treasure, or at least I never found any without at least 5 exp, and I've found A LOT of treasure in the eras that I have played VU, although I usually do Human and have only done Halfling like 6 or 7 eras. The ideal amount of exp to have in an army would be 12, because it is high enough to get the ball rolling (IE: Find more exp, treasure, ect) and low enough that you can take an army with 15 exp and merge Adventurers in to reach 12 exp.

You will find 1000 gold per adventurer. It is uncommon to find science levels that are more valuable then the treasure that you would normally find, by which I mean that if you have 50k Adventurers, then you will most likely not find a Science level that costs more then 50 million to normally upgrade. Because of this, when you start finding treasure you will want to have your sciences "finished" so you don't rainbow your sciences too early. This also works in reverse as well (Note how Kobuskan says he rarely found Military, Mining, Magic, or Medical? He probably had them upgraded) in that if you have level 0 farming or forestry science, you might find that as opposed to treasure; which is not desirable. To avert this, you can upgrade all of you sciences so that you find treasure more often and only useful science levels.

Most Halfling do not properly obtain experience, and NEVER even utilize Adventurers to their full potential. This is like a Human who doesn't StG, except it is slightly viable.

Last era I played with Music, and like I said before; I had an ungodly income due to Adventurers. To use Adventurers properly, you need to understand how to accumulate experience and how to maintain experience when merging 2 armies. The way that I gather experience is complicated and extremely effective (NOT EXPLOITING GAME MECHANICS, just a concept of the poor mechanics concerning how experience is awarded that allows me to gain a large amount of exp for fighting battles against legitimate enemies), so I will keep it a secret just like a player keeps his STG ticks a secret. I will, however, share how experience is carried by merging; which is rather simple.

The way experience works is that your army has a "total experience", and an "experience per troop". If you win/lose some battles, then you are awarded a certain amount of Experience Per Troop. If you have 20k Adventurers that all get 5 experience, then your army will have 100k Total Experience. If you win the same battle using 80k Slingers, then your army will earn 400k Total Experience.

If you have 80k Slingers that have 15 Experience Per Troop, then you can merge in adventurers to get an army that has 12 experience and find 4-6 treasures a day. The forumula for this merging would be:

Total Troops x Experience Per Troop = Total Army Experience

You want to get an army that has 12 Experience Per Troop that includes Adventurers, so:

Total Army Experience / Desired Experience = Number of new Total Troops you will have in your army

Number of new Total Troops - Total Troops (current) = Number of Adventurers to Add

So let's use the above example and apply this formula to it to see how your 80k Slingers with 15 Experience Per Troop could become an army with some 12 exp Adventurers:

80,000 (Total Troops)  x 15 (Experience Per Troop)  = 1,200,00 (Total Experience)

1,200,000 (Total Experience) / 12 (Desired Experience) = 100,000 (New number of Total Troops you will have in your army)

100,000 (New number of Total Troops you will have in your army) - 80,000 (Total Troops current in your army) = 20,000 (Number of Adventurers to Add)

So, if you add 20,000 Adventurers to your army of 80,000 Slingers, then those 20,000 Adventurers will have 12 Experience Per Troop. This means that you will be finding 20,000,000 gold in treasure per finding 4-6 times day, which as I'm sure you can imagine; adds up.

I did not arbitrarily chose the number 15 for Experience Per Troop, my patented experience gathering methods lead me to 15, which as you can see; works well given that 12 Experience Per Troop is ideal for finding treasure.

Once again, sorry that I decided to not share with you how to gather experience, but this post contains the information that you asked for directly in your question. Without going into detail, as you can see, it is desirable to use a large number of troops for gathering experience as opposed to using Adventurers themselves; and the that way experience is awarded for battles is quite flawed; making it easy to earn 5 exp per victory/successful defense with almost no losses 3 times in a row; and then merging down to 12 exp with Adventurers.

12:08:59 Mar 20th 10 - Judge Kobuskan:

Thx B

Now Zeta will cripple Halfers again next era ;)

13:05:48 Mar 23rd 10 - Duchess Cawkmaster:

why tell everyone barney :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

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