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Advice on first city
17:54:12 Jul 25th 13 - Mr. Zendo:

Okay so I built my first city and started a whole bunch of construction...

However, I think I may have messed up. After starting the production I read a guide that said I should have started by building 500 homes first :-(

Here's what I have under construction, I'm playing Halflings.

If I've totally messed up my production queue please tell me how best to go about fixing it!

Houses 25 people.
In construction:106
Homes filled:61%

Each farm produces around 124 food per day.
In construction:70

Each mine produces gold and stone.
In construction:38

Each lumbermill produces tree.
In construction:38

Magic Towers
Will defend your city from magic and make it much easier for your wizards to cast long range spells.
In construction:5

Gives extra defence and increases line of sight.
In construction:5

Increases the morale in your city and the armies stationed in the city.
In construction:30

Lowers training time and makes you able to train more troops in your colony.
In construction:5

Stores one hundred times more resources than farms/mines/mills.
(All buildings can store an unlimited amount of resources)
In construction:5

Increase the preparation time when attacking your colony.
Built:0 / 79Build:
In construction:5

Farmers will work in the city farms - making them produce more food.
Power:0   1Train:

(32 days)
In city:0
In training:503
Cost: 20 gold

Power:2   2Train:

(42 days)
In city:0
In training:50
Cost: 150 gold

Pony riders
Pony riders
Power:6   4Train:

(52 days)
In city:0
In training:2
Cost: 800 gold

Power:0   0Train:

(62 days)
In city:0
In training:2
Cost: 240 gold

Adventurers can find treasures
Power:8   8Train:

(74 days)
In city:0
In training:2
Cost: 1900 gold

17:59:50 Jul 25th 13 - Mr. Zendo:

Also, I did the following in Science:

18:11:24 Jul 25th 13 - Zephyr (Marquess Esmeralda):

First you shouldn't have trained troops for a starter city, starter cities are meant to be the base of your economy, same with science, you should have gone mining 5-6 at least before rising any other science since it will now rise the total cost when upgrading.

Since 1 home houses 25 peasants and a work site requires 25 peasants, you can easily do the math 1:5.

But also what you said was correct you should have built 500 homes first.

If you intend to fix what you've done it depends how close to resources site (dont want a mining city in the middle of nowhere)

18:14:24 Jul 25th 13 - Mr. Zendo:


Well this is where I founded my city, i tried It get it near a mountain, near forests, and near water.

19:25:36 Jul 25th 13 - Zephyr (Marquess Esmeralda):

I can see you tried to start a rainbow city. The personal advise I would give (in what I would do If i were in your situation), is either count the total production buildings so I could know how many more homes I would need. Or when you've settled a second and more stable city, wreck some buildings (mines) so you can turn the first city into a food/wood supplier. Also do not upgrade any other science until you've accomplished a minimum of 5-6 mining level.

This is what I would do, I know people with more experience than me might have other solutions.

I hope in some way I might have help, you can click the ''Guides'' for some other basic stuff as well ways to contact Guides.

19:30:24 Jul 25th 13 - Mr. Zendo:

Alright Zephyr sounds good. Thanks for the help!! I'm going to follow your advice and then get back onto track of some of these guides I'm reading.

19:31:41 Jul 25th 13 - Dark Spawn (Mr. Dark Blight):

Its always good to build many homes at first, just so your peasants come in, so later it its faster to build all other buildings. But do not worry, its not a big mistake, you can build the homes now, so you are not in trouble.

If your city is possible 90k buildings, then you will get all bonus resources with time when it grows maximum size. If its smaller, then try to always settle cities near the resources you want. What you did is build little bit of everything, and that is bad. 

For armory, build 1k homes and 5k armories (of 7500 armories and rest homes and towers, 7500 gives max discount on training time)
For resources, build 1-5 ratio, that way you get max production.

Its usually best have city for mining, city for farming, city for armories, city for warehouses if you are doing stone to gold casting. Do not build bunch of stuff in one city unless its a big 90.000 buildings city.

19:32:36 Jul 25th 13 - SFD (Duke Slender Frame Displayer):

halfer  have next to none exp with.
so the sci's I cannot help with,

But you need 1 mine city around 25/40k to get the mine bonus
Then a tree/food 90k city or a high lev food city and high lev tree city.

then an arms if anyone is close(good to have one before food city imo just incase)

then you need 1/2 90k mines if you have time to build them and farm, if you don't have time and you have to fight go 1 90k mine.

that's all I know kinda the same for most race's except dwarf.
and 1 house to every 5 production cities e.g: Mines, lumbermills and farms.


19:38:25 Jul 25th 13 - Mr. Zendo:

There is only space for 13.9k buildings :( I must have built it too close to the forest

19:51:46 Jul 25th 13 - Dark Spawn (Mr. Dark Blight):

Ok that is a small city, but you can work with it still... 

For example, you can make that a mining/lumber city, for some gold and wood, you will need wood in the beginning for building. 
But from now on, build only homes and mines and lumbermills, in ratio of 1-5

After that you can either build another city close to mountain to get mining bonus or go with a city in the valley that will give you nice large town. Being a Halfer you get to build faster than other races, and you have that huge advantage over others in the beginning. But keep in mind that what you did is a mistake, dont build magic towers, warehouses, tavern, only stick to homes and resource buildings. As time passes you will be closer to out of protection time, then you need to build some guard towers to have vision around you. Go to settings and click "see fog of war" that way you will know just how far away you see around you. 

It all depends on the era what you will do, you can either go for another third town for resources, or if you see other people around that might attack you, then your third city can be an armory. And if there are other people wanting to war you, make sure you have at least 2k towers in your cities, guard towers not magic towers. That will protect you, guard towers have 5 defense + military science, so its always good to have magic science high, that way if you have science level 5, your towers are strong, providing 10 defense each, that cant be take easily in the beginning of the era.

20:01:32 Jul 25th 13 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

Concerning armies, I noticed you just put few of each, dont do that. 

So Farmers are good when you have farms in your city, that gives you more food, and if you have 2k farms, you need 2k farmers to get the bonus. They have 1 defense, and they help get food, but other than that, they are useless.

Slingers can be used out of protection time, they are cheap, and decent, but do not use them for a long time. Only if you are in trouble then you will train large amounts of these. 

What you need are Pony Riders. They are fast unit, moves twice as fast as other units, they have quite nice attack for their price, you can have millions of these. Do not put 2-5 soldiers in training, in this game when you train you put thousands at once. Wait to get some income up, you will get to 100k income really quick, and then you can work on training Pony Riders.

Illusionists help you against enemy casting on you, and they also cast magic on your enemies, or spells on you like magic protection, happyness or others, there is a list. In the beginning you dont need them for a while, but later when enemy has mages you will need to protect your Pony Riders and Adventurers.

Adventurer is the best unit you will have, most powerful but still weak comparing to other races, so the main problem Halfers have is the army upkeep. To be decent in battle Halfers need to have large 500k armies and still you will not be as strong as Trolls or Orcs. Do not train Advents till you have large income.

Yes, Halfers fall behind later, cant keep up with others, but in the beginning of the era Halfers and Orcs are the best, your Pony Riders are not match for other races, you get to train large amounts of riders while other races struggle with income. Halfers build faster and get income faster.

23:41:33 Jul 25th 13 - Tyr (Sir Tyrgalon):

Troll would probably be a more straight forward race to play as a beginner :)

23:44:29 Jul 25th 13 - Mr. Xen:

yes I started as a troll on a new world and am following a guide properly now

i will still be playing my halflings too though

10:13:59 Jul 26th 13 - Tyr (Sir Tyrgalon):

Stop trolling shyers XD

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