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Are Kingdoms Locked to a World
03:18:39 Mar 7th 12 - Mr. Something:

Are kingdoms locked to a particular world or something? Mogrox just got destroyed so I wanted to move my kingdom to Zetamania. I selected Zetamania from the drop-down list for the world I want to spawn in and the game dropped me back on Mogrox. What gives?

03:20:03 Mar 7th 12 - Ashe Annie Fortune Lightshield (Mr. Ashe The Gender Bender):

Im pretty sure all members of your kd cannot be spawned in mogrox already. If you have a member alive in mogrox, you will automatically spawn beside/on them.

04:17:57 Mar 7th 12 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Mr. Delusional):

actually it's a bug that the admin is to lazy to fix so yeah kingdoms are locked to a world

and ashe mogrox got blown to bits by arma so i doubt any one is on the world

04:18:08 Mar 7th 12 - Dragon (Mr. Black Dragon):

The only way to move a Kingdom from one world to another is to disband the Kingdom have the leader land on the world that you want to move to and then recreate the Kingdom on the new world.

05:17:09 Mar 7th 12 - Mr. Something:

Thanks for the quick replies! I'll talk it over with my kingdom and make a decision.

22:32:46 Mar 7th 12 - Zero (Mr. Lelouch VI Britannia):

Mr. Something and I have created a kingdom, both are listed under the kingdom. His character shows that he is in the world Zetamania, but mine says -Dead- and I can't do anything in the world of Zetamania. Does anyone know what is wrong?

23:26:14 Mar 7th 12 - Zero (Mr. Great One):

nvm I figured it out.

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