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Are zeta and admins aware
12:17:03 Mar 2nd 10 - Duchess Kittieh Croft:

This is adressed to the admins and  Zeta.

Ive enjoyed playing this game for a while now are u aware:

*deleting threads is making ppl feel they are undermined and people are quitting?

*the new more expensive sci combined with the less production build is pretty bad? that cities not close to other cities or races also are affected?

*repedly not listening to the players is going to kill this game?

I am not the one making money on this game, I can play another game or not play at all.

Are u aware? and if u are not, then please understand that this is happening now.

And if u are aware that people are leaving now, then why are you not doing anything about it?

15:45:12 Mar 2nd 10 - VU Admin:

We need to make updates to the game every era to keep people interested and most of the new era changes are from the most popular suggestions.

Since the game started we have seen around 100,000 players come and go, so people leave all the time. It's normal.

16:05:29 Mar 2nd 10 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

the changes of this era have been good, they have adressed some of the most critical aspects of the game. I now think that there is hope for the game again, before this era it locked really bad.

So good job with the updates this time, but please considering bringing back merges and maybe great walls in some form.

And the production caps really hurts the speed of the game, it has become slower and slower after the changes concerning production and science.

16:26:20 Mar 2nd 10 - Mr. Marshall:

are you aware that there is only one admin? Zeta? i looked at some of the deleted threads before they left.  none of them should have stayed.

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