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Arma ends Arma
12:47:48 Sep 5th 13 - Mr. Amaroth:

Just wondering why the era hasn't ended in Armageddon?I thought that if the majority of the world want it to end it ends by vote?

  • Armageddon will end the world of Armageddon in 167 days unless the city of Fighting Chance is destroyed!!

There are currently 109 players online.


Armageddon has been cast in your world!

Currently 10 people want the age to end, 6 do not, and 2 people have not voted.

12:53:04 Sep 5th 13 - Princess Aisha:

It will end in 167 hours. It ends instantly only if there is majority voting Yes when the voting starts. But seeing as 6 people did not want it to end, it did not end right away. So now the arma town has to be defended till the end of countdown and it will end.

12:54:33 Sep 5th 13 - Mr. Amaroth:

That makes sense, thanks Aisha

14:31:02 Sep 5th 13 - SunWarriorKing (Mr. Liu Bei of Shu Dynasty):

I think the fact that 10 people want the era to end speaks volumes at the fact that 10 of them have to be coming from those kingdoms that are about to lose to The Borg. Nice way of surviving the destruction! You farmed for nothing.

15:47:30 Sep 5th 13 - Ms. Aishaa:

It only takes 2% or 2 votes (forget which one) on no to prevent instant arma. This way if a big kingdom is being killed by a very small kingdom they cant just end it and horde their way straight to victory.

14:22:59 Sep 7th 13 - King Samwise:

True Words SunWarriorKing

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