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Armageddon XI
07:43:32 Oct 5th 08 - Mr. Struddle:

Hey I dont know if this has been in a post before and I'm really kinda lazy and dont feel like looking it up so I just wanted to ask what does the spell Armageddon do?

08:25:33 Oct 5th 08 - Mr. Ghost:

Well when it goes all they way through we all die and restart

08:41:42 Oct 5th 08 - Lord Incognito:

Look it up. Justin's answer is mostly.... retarded since it misses out on all the effects...
And I'm not explaining it just because you can't look it up.

12:35:26 Oct 5th 08 - Mr. Van Effen:

Its threads like this which make it so much harder to find things.

15:00:12 Oct 5th 08 - Lord Incognito:

Hmm.... .
I know I wrote a thread about this sometime but I can't seem to find it so here is the explanation, one last time..

Armageddon requires level 10 Magic and a large number of mus to cast. If cast succesfully, the city it is cast on will appear on the map for all to see. This spell does nothing more for the first 240 ticks (10 RL days).
After this time has elapsed, another period begins. For the next 240 ticks, all armies will move at scout speed, irregardless of size and you will have 100% preparation on a city instantaneously.
At the end of this time, the world it is cast on restarts ONLY, except if it is cast on Fantasia in which case all worlds end.
The only way to stop Arma is to capture the city it is cast on in the first 240 ticks from casting.

21:54:00 Oct 23rd 08 - Mr. Manwe:

I HATE THIS STUPID SPELL! either have armageddon or pre-set era end times, not both!

22:00:19 Oct 23rd 08 - Sir Faust:

(VU Day 1237, 0 days left)

Armageddon is on! Armies move with un-natural speed and there are no preparation times when attacking cities. This world will end 50 days from now!

This era will end once Armageddon is finished

this is what my news inbox states - kind of misleading.

22:12:23 Oct 23rd 08 - Lord Incognito:

Thats because Arma was cast too late so era ended up finishing before Arma did :\

00:09:24 Oct 24th 08 - Lord Charley Deallus:

Amazing how Arma sucks because it didn't go off the 2nd time...

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