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Armageddon spell
09:54:39 Jan 23rd 13 - Mr. Hecticpreet:

Hello, I am a new player and I have a few questions regarding the armageddon spell. 

What is the best strategy to cast armageddon?

how many MUs and MTs should I have to cast it?

 I've got a few magic cities with a decent amount of MTs, should I split up my MUs in these cities so I have a better chance for a successful cast?

15:03:17 Jan 23rd 13 - Zephyr (Marquess Durbans):

The highest chance to cast it is around 30%-40% I think.

just build a magic city with a more than 20k MTs and more than/around 100k MUs.

If you want to end the age because you are winning or something like that cast it on your strongest city, so there are less chances of it being taken over thus ending armageddon.

If you just want to cast it and not sure how it will play out I suggest you to settle a new city and dont build anything in it, cast armageddon in that city, if you want to stop armageddon simply destroy the 1 GT the city has.

Once it is successfully casted The age will end in a certain amount of hours. A vote is called and people choose, Yes and No. If yes is more than no/have not voted the age will end in a blink, but if a lot of people vote no and still yes is higher guess you will have to wait till armageddon ends the world.

This are based on personal opinion and experience of me watching peoples strategies for cast Arma.

16:48:32 Jan 23rd 13 - Zond (Mr. Contumely):

Not saying your wrong but it is dumb to do that way.

The easy way is to do this: 

Build 4 cities (or more), in each city have 400 mts only. Nothing else in them. Train 25k mus per city you build. Put 25k mus in army. Move the army to the city. Transfer the mus into the city. Cast it from that city. You will have around 25%. thus why several of them. This is less mts/mus and easier to do. You do that for each city and will get it casted super easy. 

19:27:41 Jan 23rd 13 - Senturu (Mr. Senturu of The Golden Spoon):

Zond is correct. that is one of the best methods to do it


02:14:07 Jan 24th 13 - Wilberforce (Princess Fatty Lover):

Zond is right. Ignore Zephyr. It costs less, takes less time and there is a higher chance of success overall.

Like two 31% casts or six 24% casts? I know which one I'd prefer.

02:31:57 Jan 24th 13 - Muffin Man (Mr. American Tragedy):

If Armageddon is cast, does the city that casted it have the spell on it?

02:36:17 Jan 24th 13 - Wilberforce (Princess Fatty Lover):

You select the city you are casting on, just like you select it when you cast "Bless" or "Invisible" on a city.

02:37:28 Jan 24th 13 - Muffin Man (Mr. Dying Flutchman):

Alright. Because, the times I've seen it cast, the city has been a non-magic city. Thank you.

02:41:11 Jan 24th 13 - Wilberforce (Princess Fatty Lover):

Yeah, when I usually cast it, I drop a city in a little bit of space in a well defended area of your core. Drop several mini-MCs around it (like Zond explained) and cast it on the 1 building city in the centre. I figure it's easy to organise that way.

You're welcome :)

07:10:16 Jan 24th 13 - Mr. Hecticpreet:

thanks guys!! i casted it! :)

11:12:03 Jan 24th 13 - Wilberforce (Princess Fatty Lover):

Good job! It's a difficult cast, but the more you do it, the easier it is to figure out a great strategy for it!

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