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Army of the Dead
00:56:50 Jul 28th 09 - Mr. Theophilus XI:

How do the mechanics of this work?

I believe i read in a guide that it summons a band of  EXP 100 troops.

How long do you get them for?

01:19:46 Jul 28th 09 - Sir Pubeguin The Hairy Cheezburger:

1. Dont know, pretty much never tried it.
2. till some other guy in the world casts it. 1 AOD per world i believe. ????

03:03:05 Jul 28th 09 - Sir Binh The War:

You get 100 exp level 3 troops that is in an army called "Army of the Dead"

It last forever. When you summon another "Army of the Dead". The existing one will dissappear and replace by the second cast.

An update was made so that you can no longer add troops to army of the dead to avoid abuse Hafling abuse specifically....

17:47:56 Jul 28th 09 - Mr. Theophilus XI:

How many level 3 troops to you get?

And that makes alot of sense, with adding in adventurers...

And you are sure you keep it until you cast another one, and not when someone else casts it?

18:59:24 Jul 28th 09 - Sir Binh The War:

yes, everyone can have their own army of the dead now.

you get X number of level 3 troops depending on powers.

11:55:14 Jul 29th 09 - Junior Guildmaster Shmeh:

Does anyone have an example of power/troops given

12:35:20 Jul 29th 09 - Chancellor Mcfeast Deluxe:

Casting Army of the dead from Tardis Magic upon Skaro with 42% chance of success...successful, the army of the dead was summoned in Skaro. You lost 63088 Spellweavers and 2347 of your magic towers got destroyed in explosions.

Army of the Dead

35270 Riders

Choose army Morale Exp. Located Upkeep
100% 100 Skaro 93591

That was one from last era. Cast after the era ended with his spare MU. I'm not sure exactly how many MU the caster had or the overall power.

21:54:54 Jul 29th 09 - Mr. Theophilus XI:

Well dang, that looks pretty powerful. So its like a little more than half of your MUs worth become the level 3 troops?

00:08:43 Jul 30th 09 - Sir Penor The Overwhelming:

That could be pretty good... unless you fail lol

08:12:30 Jul 30th 09 - Mr. Theophilus XI:

I assume you loose about all of your MUs, Regardless?

02:03:39 Jul 31st 09 - Sir Penor The Overwhelming:

Yup... All the MUs wherever you're casting from.... or alot of them :/

18:48:19 Aug 1st 09 - Ms. Auspice:

e = expected mu cost

e = c1*s1 + m2*p2 

where m1 is MU cost of success, s1 probability of success

and m2 is MU cost of failure, f2 probability of failure

of course without knowing the loss/chance formula curve, you can only get experimental data.

say in the case above 63k mu lost on success, 42% odds.  speculating losses are about 4x on fail, not unusual for higher lvl spells.

so on average, we spend 63k*0.42 + 252k*0.58 = 172k MU per army created

now calculate cost....172k MU vs 35k ponies.  of course the ponies will be like more than 35k due to exp so you have to adjust that as well.  interesting and likely worth it at EOA for points

00:54:28 Aug 2nd 09 - Sir Pubeguin The Hairy Cheezburger:

auspice i wuv u

00:07:24 Aug 3rd 09 - Ms. Auspice:

no real different than say calculating the cost of a control time cast :P

02:46:30 Aug 3rd 09 - Mr. Brainiac:

how do you calculate that ? Lol

06:45:27 Aug 3rd 09 - Mr. Chris:

of course penguin would be the first to shove his nose in the brown when he sees Auspice

some things never change

16:31:45 Aug 8th 09 - Lord Wraith The Bored:

The problem is.. you're not going to get 35k ponies unless you use literally hundreds of thousands of mus... and even then I reckon its iffy...

16:34:56 Aug 8th 09 - Lord Wraith The Bored:

Also, does anyone know if it changes a % of the city's peasants to Level 3s or a number based on power?
I.e. if I cast with the same magic power on a larger populated city, do I get more troops?

Just wondering if anyone knows :)

10:15:37 Aug 9th 09 - Lord Wraith The Bored:

Heres a question.... if someone else casts Army of the Dead.. yours just... disappears, right?

22:23:30 Aug 9th 09 - Sir Binh The Avenger:

not anymore. It used to. But now peoples are allow to have the same army name as others so this wouldn't happen anymore.

00:34:56 Aug 10th 09 - Lord Wraith The Bored:

Then I'd like to know where mine went!! There was no message, at all, in the news.

03:33:09 Aug 10th 09 - Sir Penor The Overwhelming:


Should i not have casted it since I only got 3k riders?

15:49:20 Aug 10th 09 - Lord Wraith The Bored:

You are such a fag, Penor.

07:52:09 Aug 11th 09 - Sir Penor The Dysfunctional:

Haha I was just kidding. I didn't cast but i liked the reaction :)

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