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Army speed
00:25:00 Jan 13th 14 - Lady Leila:

I was told armies move different speeds even when they appear to the same size.
But is that only for 500k armies?

For example, when you have an army of 500k soldiers, barely making it a 500k army, and another army of lets say 800k soldiers, making it almost a Horde, would these two armies move same speed? Since they both appear as 500k?

So same question for smaller armies, for example if 5005 soldiers are in one army, and other army consists of 9910 soldiers, they should appear as 5k army, would they have same speed?

04:35:21 Jan 13th 14 - Mr. Engel Van Dood:

The more troops the slower it moves. Unless of course your using pure ponies or pure knights which gain a speed bonus but thats just rof suicide their.

The smaller the troop count army will almost always win the speed battle. Unless they are getting frozen for not having enough mages lol

I believe though that their is a speed cap eventually once you hit a certain threshold of troop counts that your army wont move any slower with or its so small of a drop you dont even notice it. If you thought 500k armies are slow you didnt see the days of merges of slow as hell battling lol

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