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Attack or Let be attacked
11:01:15 Sep 20th 12 - Mr. Equi Librio:

I have a question about Gaia and similar troops that have more defense then offence

So basically if you would have lets say 100.000 Gaia in an army
And then some other army comes in the field, and you have to attack it


100 2

Considering they have 1/2, technically would it be better to simply not attack and let enemy attack you because your army is double stronger than when attacking?

12:56:43 Sep 20th 12 - Mr. Gohan:

depends on your chances to hit the enemy... and theirs on you... unless needed they usually wont hit with low chance like 50% or less

15:30:02 Sep 21st 12 - heroix (Mr. Unicorn The Rapist):

Yes if you both have 100k Gaia it wouldn't be smart to attack. To be honest it wouldn't be smart to have that much Gaia either, unless in some critical situations very early.

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