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21:14:39 Dec 7th 09 - Mr. Stealthmachined:

What does siege do exactly? If I siege a city indefinately will the moral of the army inside eventually drop to zero? Will they starve to death? Is production halted during a siege? Is building production haulted? Will my % chance of taking the city go up if I siege for a week? Is that army stuck in the city until they lift the siege?

Bombard: Is bombard ever worth it? It seems like every time I bombard I take more damage than the enemy!!! For example, right now I have 200k archer and 300 catapault. The other guy is elf and probably has around 150k archer. Is it worth it ?

07:23:43 Dec 8th 09 - Mr. Confidential:

If he has 150k archers, he's got 1.5 mil DP. you've got 812k OP
He's going to be able to hold you off no problem.

I haven't tried bombard myself, but I have heard from several good players that it is nearly worthless.

07:51:39 Dec 8th 09 - Prince Charley The Kitten:

Why are you attacking with 200k archers? That is the question I want to ask...

09:01:49 Dec 8th 09 - Grand Ape Kongdust:

bombard was devastating for me when i had it used against me a few eras ago, it takes out buildings as well as troops, but by then i had ran out of pez and no more were coming in.

09:43:03 Dec 8th 09 - Mr. Barny:

Bombard can be a devastating attack if used against an enemy with few lvl 2 units, and if you have a lot of catapults in your army (IE: all offensive units are catapults). The scenario you described would not be worth it, as an enemy with 2x you power composed of 100% archers would sodomize your pathetic 300 catapults and archers you are attacking with for whatever reason. If you are attacking an enemy who is defending with, say, Warlords and too much magic protection for an ally to crush wall their city; and you have a 60% chance after full prep time; then bombard would be extremely effective at killing their troops and walls with few losses on your end.

What does siege do exactly?

It is an attack that notably ignores Gaurd Towers and will have a higher % then any other form of attack. When a city is sieged, the ruler gets a message in his news. To break the siege, he must kill any armies on his city. You could potentially lay down a siege with 1 army, and then move a new army on the city and have it still be sieged.

If I siege a city indefinately will the moral of the army inside eventually drop to zero?

Hmm not too sure, I never really checked if the armys inside suffer a morale drop. I know the city morale drops.

Will they starve to death?

Peasants will die off, yes.

Is production halted during a siege?

Production buildings such as mines and lumbermills will no longer produce resources. Peasants will still pay taxes.

Is building production haulted?

Not hat I am aware of.

Will my % chance of taking the city go up if I siege for a week?

It probably wont take a week for all the peasants to die, and the % will really only raise if the peasants compose a large part of the cities defenses.

Is that army stuck in the city until they lift the siege?

Defending armies are, not the sieging army.

20:08:21 Dec 9th 09 - Mr. Stealthmachined:

In my humble opinion, archers are the best balance between attack points and simple economics.  What SHOULD I be using?  Knights?

20:10:18 Dec 9th 09 - Mr. Stealthmachined:

By the way, I REALIZE I can't defeat him.  He's an elf.  But I can force his big ass army to be STUCK inside of that city while my other army tears down his cities.  Is that so dumb?

04:59:52 Dec 10th 09 - Mr. Barny:

His army would ignore you walls.

I take you aren't too experienced with Human? If so, they aren't a great race. I recommend relatively low economy with a huge focus on STG, and thus use a lot of Catapults.

For you, I recommend you use Knights. Archers and Swordsmen should really only be used OOP or for immediate defense.

05:05:39 Dec 10th 09 - Mr. Targaryen:

ya the units in barny you should cut down on. its probally killing your food eco to support them or if you pull them out your overall income will hurt quite a bit. Though be sure you still have enough defense should i decide i wish to turn around ;p. Im an orc, i have low upkeep hence why i am able to feild so many troops without a large hit to my eco atm.

16:17:16 Dec 10th 09 - Duchess Mama Bear:

lol eco doesn't matter anymore baney. there is no difference in the profit anymore in StG from 10k land to 500k land :(

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