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20:24:58 Mar 13th 13 - Mr. Simo The Destroyer:

Beo have just dominated Fantasia with there massive clan i think they should be a cap of 15 per clan its becoming a joke they dominate every era now!!! what do people think

20:32:02 Mar 13th 13 - Lady Leila:

That is funny.    Beo just dominated Fantasia? The era just started, its far from determining someone is dominating.

And to discuss the massive clan?

Kingdoms in Fantasia
Beothuk Evil Ops25Ms. Jennaside214
Legacy25Mr. Binh The Dead Rising142
Misfits20Mr. Quasimodo Fordius100
Fecking Fecker17Mr. Bling62
The Immortals14Prince Chade49
Mad and Dangerous10Sir Aloysius44

There are three kingdoms over 20 players, Feckers are close, Immortals have a lot of members too.

Reason why Beothuk is "dominating" so far is because of the kingdom placements in VU, you can not choose where to start, so its just bad luck when kingdoms land at the same place. Beo was lucky to land alone, and due to the agreement that nobody will have any diplomatic relations this era, it was decided everyone wars everyone.

It is still far from over, though realistically the advantage Beo has for starting in a calm corner is huge, and will most likely mean the era win. But that does not have anything to do with huge kingdom or anything.

If there was a kingdom cap, people would just create two kingdoms that would work closely together and be a one kingdom anyways. Not a solution.

20:36:45 Mar 13th 13 - Mr. Smallfriesiv:

This is a result of diplomacy, not placement.

20:48:01 Mar 13th 13 - Lady Leila:

No, if all kingdoms had their safe place on the map to start, and no oop wars, it would be fair. Or if everyone went to oop war, then it would be fair. But when bunch of kingdoms go to war right away, and only one is left to farm, obviously that kingdom will have the upper hand.

01:48:40 Mar 14th 13 - SWIFTRY (Mr. Recruits Pls):

Beo win because they have better players, better leadership, better activity, better co-ordination, etc. A cap won't stop them. Only 50 player KDs will.

02:51:13 Mar 14th 13 - Wilberforce (Princess Binh The Racist):

I don't think he specifically means just this era guys...

I think what he's getting at, is that after a prolonged period of the largest KD NAPing one of the only other 2 active/large KDs (MAD and Relentless have gone from great KDs to below the radar in recent times unfortunately) and that alliance repeated roflstomping all of Fant, newbie, untagged and veteran alike, it's helped speed up the destruction of this game. IE, less newbies playing, more vets going inactive, less competition in general.

I think that's what he's getting at :)

09:25:51 Mar 14th 13 - Jesus Left Toe (Lord Apeiron The Uninspired):

I think simo was just pissed that we wouldn't NAP him like he asked.

20:38:28 Mar 14th 13 - heroix (Mr. Heroix):

It's not only Fantasia that is close to death...

20:45:37 Mar 14th 13 - Elite (Mr. Elite):

People prefer to win and continue to ruin the game then risk losing. So unless you plan on killing the majority of the players, nothings gonna change (ill help you hold them down while they drown).

00:47:43 Mar 15th 13 - Zond (The Sanguisugent Kalology Gamic):

How do you kill... that which has no life?

00:57:58 Mar 15th 13 - Yukan (Mr. Arata):

By making people forget it of course...

07:29:14 Mar 15th 13 - Elite (Mr. Elite I):

Dead or alive, i say drown them, and im sure you would help zond

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