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Bad Luck?
19:44:34 Mar 28th 09 - Mr. Jondrus Baz Jesek:

City is defended by 27807 soldiers who seem to be armed with magic weapons and mithril armor. The city is also defended by 347 peasants.
City has 57 walls, which provide 8% extra defence.
Our strategists say that we currently have around 97% chance for a successful attack, 98% for a successful siege assault or .
We have prepared 1 days for this attack. It will take another 18 days before our soldiers are fully prepared.

They have no resources in the city so there is no point in plundering it.


I'm terribly sorry Mr. Jondrus Baz Jesek. But we have lost the battle. We killed a total of 133 enemy troops. <- LOL really?

Troops Alive Dead Injured
Gaia 0 48 0
Hammerthrowers 0 235 0
Ogres 0 20 0
Shamans 0 146297 0
Nazguls 0 20040 0


:(   Oh well,  Is this just bad luck or what?  Army had 4 exp if that matters.

19:50:26 Mar 28th 09 - General Zondervan:

pissed me off when u told me that

19:59:17 Mar 28th 09 - Duke Slade:

No its not bad luck, its a bug. A few people have already mentioned this with the same thing, Some how someone lost at 100% and lost all his troops

20:20:26 Mar 28th 09 - Lord Stewie Griffin:

yeah that was just bs....we were charging into the RET core and then that bs bug happens....

22:01:58 Mar 28th 09 - Mr. Jondrus Baz Jesek:

Not to mention, when RET smacked Herc and Insane.  Herc bounced to our city on Fant and Insane when to the same spot but on Mantrax.  It so happens he was still merged and stuck inside a Spaghetti city.  Weird Era.

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