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Battles after era ended
20:47:34 Jul 17th 09 - Mr. Doomhammer:

Okay, I thought that the era ended about 2-3 hours ago... what's going on? I just lost my second largest army to this;

14:26:25 Thiens Honor Guard lost a battle against Phoenix Guard from Flame Lord Phoenix. The army retreated to Feudal Fortress. We lost 6010 Gaia, 1929 Hammerthrowers, 34 Ogres, 7721 Shamans and 356 Nazguls and in the battle and 25104 of our soldiers got injured.


I would've moved them back to my city, but it was the last turn, so there wasn't a point; they wouldn't of moved til the "tick" anyways.... so what's giong on now, why is the game still going on?

20:53:36 Jul 17th 09 - Demonslayer The Confused Demon Farmer:

There have always been some instances of being able to attack after an era ends...Nothing can move anymore, but if someone is sitting on a city or army, they can still attack I believe. 

20:56:48 Jul 17th 09 - Mr. Sandoran:

nice amount of gaia lol....

20:58:53 Jul 17th 09 - Lady Karma:

Hehe, I baught up the stone market and StGed after era ended :P

yuh, I'm bored, sue meh =P

21:00:14 Jul 17th 09 - Fire Lord Nova:

Battles after the era ends don't count. used to play around and suicide blockers and burn MU's just for kicks before. lol

21:00:42 Jul 17th 09 - Demonslayer The Confused Demon Farmer:

I StGed like 15 minutes before the era end...bought up several million stone at .8 :p
Got me #2 on Valhalla woot!

21:13:11 Jul 17th 09 - Mr. Doomhammer:

Ah okay, fair enough then... just was making sure it wasn't a normal occurance... this is my first era, and I've played less then half of it... thanks for the help.

and yeah, reason why there's so many gaia is cause half of this army was built yesterday, and I couldn't wait for my usual

21:14:06 Jul 17th 09 - Mr. Skinny Vinny II:

just wondering, what you doing with all those Gaia?

21:48:56 Jul 17th 09 - Mr. Doomhammer:

Definitely said why in the post above yours... lol

21:54:40 Jul 17th 09 - Flame Lord Phoenix:

i appreciated the gaia greatly =-)       it put me at # 10 ruthless ;-P  or...  was i that before era ended i didnt really check...

i also got some stg going after "era end"

06:53:03 Jul 18th 09 - Mr. Doomhammer:

LOL, I'm so glad I could be of assistance :D. Lol, needed an army on the fly... didn't really work out that well, though.... lol. cya next era

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