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Beginning of Era
00:32:43 May 17th 10 - Sir Seleucis I Nicator:

The clock is 12:28:09 at my posting, lemme ask, what happens during this period, this is where people cant really play until that time is over right? Can someone explain what happens right when an Era begins?

00:39:09 May 17th 10 - Sir Ophiucus:

the first tic is 13 hours long so people from different times zones have an eqaul chance of landing, after 12 hours the games returns to normal

03:18:20 May 17th 10 - Sir Seleucis I Nicator:

Well there is no Fog of War, I see no one else... Im really confused I guess to say, even when I was in a Kingdom, no LoS, no seeing their assets.. etc. etc.

09:01:54 May 17th 10 - Sir Ophiucus:

you can turn the fog back on in setting just click on the button

22:36:36 May 19th 10 - Mr. Vuggy:

Yeah. The fog is turned off for slower computers. I like it better.. shows how much LoS I have. :)

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