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Best Race
21:06:28 Apr 4th 12 - Mr. Frodo The Hobbit:

Just wondering what some opinions are for the best race and why? Want to know overall pros and cons of what race is most dangerous when battling against?

21:56:59 Apr 5th 12 - Princess Aisha:

Well I think its fair to say that races are pretty much balanced now, so its hard to say. Every race has its advantages and flaws, it depends on what you like to play :)

Orcs - great attacking race, very good for active people who like to war all era
Trolls - also good attacking race, troops most cost effective
Elves - if you have enough time to farm up high magic science and production, they can be the best late era...
Dwarfs - also if you have enough time to farm up extreme income then you can have hordes soon, and be very strong
Halfers - good for active people, and if you manage to be successful and lucky in beginning you will be great
Humans - if you have enough time for those large towns, they are a good race

You can check guides page with all other specs for every race.

What race is most dangerous when battling against? Does not matter, what matters is who you fight... if a good player comes you will have trouble with any race, its the player that counts, not the race.

02:22:27 Apr 6th 12 - Mr. Ignis The Fearow:

Aisha ,is ,right ,also, I, think, it, depends, on how long ,you can, last, in, ,the ,era and ,you ,teammates

A elf ,is, weak, if, he, doesn't, get, magic ,science,  upgraded,, and ,halfling, dwarfs, Humans ,need, time, to, get a, good ,income ,to ,battle but ,then trolls, and ,orcs, weak, when, it comes, to, income, and, score, and ,science , upgraded,,

War and killing ,take troll, or, orc

Impressive, armies,then ,dwarf, ,human

Good, income ,and ,finding ,treasures, halfling

What race is most dangerous when battling against?

I ,would ,say ,elf ,as you, need to think, about ,there ,magic strength to, fight ,against ,ams

But ,really ,it, doesn't ,matter as long, as, you, find ,a, race ,that ,you, are ,comfortable to ,play, with ,

The only way is  ,find ,out, is, by ,  playing 

07:36:50 Apr 6th 12 - Skinny Vinny (Sir Skinny):

In my opinion elfs and trolls are the best races.  I believe that AMs give magic protection so you don't need MUs, correct me if i am wrong, and so they can spend all their income on fighting units, not MUs to protect them.  Trolls have very cost effective units, their low level units can be good for oop wars though in my experience they are at a disadvantage against a halfer or an orc.  Both elfs and trolls have a huge advantage, in my opinion, in being under powered on the HoH armies.  A troll army anywhere on the HoH armies can whack a halfer army at the top and i believe this holds true for elfs though i don't know from experience.  It also means that very strong armies will be kept off the HoH list and so they will be underestimated and not feared like a similar sized Halfer might be because being on the HoH list.  In my opinion this give them the biggest advantage late era when everyone has big armies.

18:20:20 Apr 6th 12 - Mr. Youdonotknow:

elves do need mus anw for not being SSed.

But the only race i would fear to face in a farmed up battle, is a good orc. Anything else would give massive losses from one attack.

20:17:27 Apr 6th 12 - Mr. Frodo The Hobbit:

Can anyone fill me in on how to play with a Halfling first city, second city, build orders, and magic upgrades?

11:36:32 Apr 7th 12 - Mr. Abandoned:

there are tons of guides... 

21:18:46 Apr 7th 12 - Opportunity (Mr. Right):

I've played around quite a bit and I've found that I like orcs and halfers best when I'm active, but dwarves are the race I play when I feel particularly lazy haha

22:02:24 Apr 17th 12 - Mr. Thick Rooster:

halfling falls off late game
orc strong entire game, super mobile
dwarf weak/avg until a week or so in, need lvl 1 cost buffed
humans decent whole game
elves hella strong late game if you have magic defense
trolls suck, brb dying to an army twice my strength

so, orc strongest.

07:02:47 Apr 18th 12 - Skinny Vinny (Mr. Skinnyv):

trolls don't suck.  zerker armies almost as scary as nazz armies and MUs have 1op.  i find it easier to have a zerker army than nazz army cause i always get scared i am going to loose nazz cause they are so expensive.

07:44:15 Apr 18th 12 - Mr. Thick Rooster:

there easier to slaughter iirc (zerker armies), so attrition fucks them more than other races. i dont feel the risk is worth the reward.

04:52:46 May 19th 12 - Mr. Kreed III:

imo i'd say halfer and orc are the 2 best oop races since orcs don't need peasants to train gaia and halfers are able to build large incomes early which can be used to train troops. elfs are the best at magic but they need to farm to get their science up. trolls can build very powerful armies but like was previous mentioned since the zerks kill one another they are not as effective when you're looking to make a push and attack several large armies. humans were my original race. they are alright but their units are pricey and it hurts their lvl units have a dp half that of its op. that leaves dwarf which i cannot say much about because that is the one race that i have never played.  from observations though they seem to have some of the strongest armies near era end but have to farm to get there


if you know you are going to be in a heated oop war it is best to go halfer or orc

if you are looking to do magic then elf. elf is also good to establish blockers in tree regions

if you can farm and intend to fight mid to late era then dwarf is good. also good to build blockers b/w mountains

trolls are amazing at amassing large op and defeat large armies but the large casualties will slow down your offensive.

humans are ok everywhere but not really the best anywhere. personally not really a big fan however i've seen some pretty strong human armies near the end of the era many times

Conclusion: It's impossible to say race is the best because it all depends on what you're looking for.  All the top KD's have disperse selection in races because you need each of the races attributes at some point during the era

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