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Blocking a mountain pass
17:42:37 Jul 3rd 10 - Mr. Dark Tree:

What makes a mountain pass blocked?  if I put a city smack in the middle of it and load it with troops, does that prevent enemies from just walking right by it?  would it help if I had a loose army in the pass instead?


23:12:14 Jul 3rd 10 - Sir Nicks Last Era Ofvu:

Walls make a city block, but the gates need to be closed

01:01:56 Jul 4th 10 - Sir Dropkick:

and you must have the city big enough to block it

02:24:14 Jul 4th 10 - Ice Prince Zephyr:

It would be more intelligent to make a dwarf block an mountain pass.

01:22:59 Jul 12th 10 - Sir Skinny Vinny:

in order to block a mountian pass you need a city big enough so that there are no ways to travel between your city and the mountain as well as closed walls.

01:50:00 Jul 12th 10 - Sir Cadmus The War:

With what Ice Prince said, it is better if a Dwarf blocks passages where both sides of the city are mountain. Dwarves lose the benefits if there are trees or water on either of the sides. The best way to figure out what cities should go where is to imagine it in the size of a 90k city in the location you wish to put it, and see if it would run into any other resources. If so, then it's size would be limited. 

07:24:18 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Nutt:

heres a silly question ... what should ibuild in a blocker to make it "efficient" ?? homes? guard towers etc?

20:31:25 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Shawty:

hmm, I too need this question answer'd brought forth by Mr. Nutt

20:44:23 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Scipio:

Not a silly question at all imo.

.. but, and don't take this as gospel (Nubbie here), no straight answer either - all depends on a number of factors, mainly associated with your style of play and how active/inactive you are as well as how many buildings can be built in the blocker - the larger the blocker the more you can put in to provide for "efficiency".

I feel you need a balance of everything - everything here being GT's, MT's, Homes and probably even an Armoury if space allows unless you have one close by.

I cannot describe all scenarios but just remember that a Blocker if hit on will be hit on by all sorts - imagine a wave of Armies and Magic hitting on the Blocker more or less none stop - now imagine attacks by armies on cities either side off the blocker - and then imagine noone coming towards that blocker for whatever reason. 

Lastly, After any and/or all of the above taking place, imagine what needs to take place before, during and after - what, in your particular situation, could you have done to improve your effectivness against them and/or make it not worth the enemies while to attempt doing more than once or twice, if at all.

Hope this helps

20:51:52 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Scipio:

... not forgetting the much needed Walls (I forgot) and the fact that the Gates do need to be Closed - the whole point of having a blocker.

And if your wondering about the Gate, putting Walls up gives you your Gate

21:16:26 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Shawty:

aah kk tyvm

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