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Bombard Attack
15:48:10 Sep 21st 09 - Mr. Vallachian Knight:

How is the bombard attack working? U have to prepare like on the other attacks to get high% of winning? And if so, when u use Bombard attack, does the prep restarts?

And does it destroy walls or random buildings?

20:46:22 Sep 21st 09 - Grand Ape Donkey Kong:

i know it destroys both walls and buildings -_-

11:23:30 Scout IV lead by Junior Guildmaster Shmeh bombarded Midgard Peace and destroyed 103 walls and 2774 buildings. We lost 779 Hobgoblins, 0 Rockthrowers, 0 Warlords, 0 Mages and 133 Berserkers and 0 peasants in the battle.

that was from last era...

10:34:10 Dec 10th 12 - Mr. Senki:

So here is a story to tell of some of the surprises regarding bombard attack:

I march my army to the high walls of Elvaron, proud knights and merciless catapults in huge numbers, to take the town back from the evil orc army of the even more evil Mr. Philosoraptor. My army starts prepping, crafting the ladders, drinking a lot before the battle, the usual stuff. Takes more than 20 days, so no rush there. But my army commander suddenly turns up, and informs me that the catapults are loaded, and ready to bombard the city. Well, I think that sounds fun, it cannot hurt to throw some big stones as well as my own excrement on the monsters hiding behind the walls, can it? Also, probably some walls come down, it might be easier for my knights to charge in town later. So I say, let's do it, bombard.

And the result:

02:30:26 Dec 10th 12 - Khan (Mr. Senki):


I'm terribly sorry Mr. Senki. But we have lost the battle.

Our catapults managed to destroyed 0 walls and 5 buildings before they charged at us.

We killed or injured a total of 1092 enemy troops.


Troops Alive Dead Injured
Pest (your army)
Swordsmen 0 2 0
Archers 0 0 0
Knights 0 54172 0
Magicians 0 28630 0
Catapults 0 5099 0


So, I am still there, standing lonely below the mighty walls of Elvaron, with not a single living knight to have a good laugh about this.

Even the orcs behind the walls cannot believe what happened, most they think this is some kind of a tricky illusion, as it cannot be, that my complete army just ran headfirst into the walls.

Ah, wait, there comes now an orc messanger, offering me very nicely (the way you talk to merry halfwitted peaceful lunatics) the job of a clown beside their great orc warlord, as probably I am the funniest human they have ever seen.

I think I will take the job. Or maybe Zeta should? :D

So, the advice, bombard attacks is only for the really, really heroic leaders!

10:53:46 Dec 10th 12 - Khan (Mr. Senki):

Just the addition, this is the message form my dumbazzo army commander:

We have loaded our catapults and are ready to roll them out to fire at the city!
Ranged units in the city will probably fire back at us though.

10:54:11 Dec 10th 12 - Zephyr (Marquess Roland III):

Bombard is just like a normal attack its counted form your total prep time and % just like any attack if you attack with it , it restarts the prepping time, and yes it destroys walls and buildings.

11:16:51 Dec 10th 12 - Mr. Philosoraptor:

Having never seen Bombard in action before, I have to admit at first I was slightly concerned.  Then I realized how absurdly misleading and useless it is.  Seems like the poor man's version of burn and destroy (lol).

Here's the losses I took...

09:27:29 - Our Flow II successfully defend Elvaron. Pest lead by Mr. Senki bombarded Elvaron but with our help we managed to stop them before the city was destroyed. We lost 0 Gaia, 0 Hammerthrowers, 168 Ogres, 2 Shamans, 8 Nazguls and 0 peasants in the battle and 177 of our soldiers got injured.

09:27:29 - Pest lead by Mr. Senki bombarded Elvaron and destroyed 0 walls and 5 buildings before our soldiers managed to stop the attack. We lost 506 Gaia, 80 Hammerthrowers, 8 Ogres, 141 Shamans, 0 Nazguls and 0 peasants in the battle.

11:52:13 Dec 10th 12 - Khan (Mr. Cankhanmakeittolathareally):

More or less we can say that each 100 knights of mine managed to kill 1 gaia! I see some room for improvement.

12:30:01 Dec 10th 12 - Ms. Aisha The Explorer:

You attacked at 1%, what were you expecting?


Obviously you will fail... it says that bombard will have no losses if the attack succeeds, but that means that dice roll will be there, and you need full prep. I think it basically works just like crush walls, thats why its never really used.

16:46:26 Dec 10th 12 - Khan (Mr. Cankhanmakeittolathareally):

Yep, but that is not logical at all, and thus really useless. So no point of that being there, whereas if that would mean a bombardment, with a small % let's say max 10% of damage to the defenders, depending on the # of catapults, and some wall destruction, that could be useful. Well, anyway... lesson learned.

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