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21:43:32 Feb 10th 11 - Sir Horus XIII:


I'm terribly sorry Sir Horus XIII. But we have lost the battle.

Our catapults managed to destroyed 586 walls and 12459 buildings before they charged at us.

We killed or injured a total of 1869 enemy troops.


Ender (your army)

I thought bombarding at full prep was a 100% attack"?

We have prepared 15 days for this attack and are ready to engage in battle!

We have loaded our catapults and are ready to roll them out to fire at the city!
Ranged units in the city will probably fire back at us though.

11:41:37 Feb 11th 11 - VU Admin:

I guess win or loss in this situation is only philosophical.

14:38:32 Feb 11th 11 - Mr. Ford Prefect:

well hello there friend

I would hope you wouldn't have to guess!

This is the first time I've experimented with Bombard, took out a lot more buildings than I expected

02:54:14 Feb 19th 11 - Mr. Prostetnic:

Holy crap Zeta is still alive.

03:15:29 Feb 19th 11 - Mr. Playstation Dude:

errr, dude, he has been lately you know. over the last 8 days, i think he posted 7 posts, and he replies to messages pretty quick. Faster than horus does lol. At least with me anyways.

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