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Bonus Turn
15:49:42 Jan 14th 10 - Ms. Console:

Is there any reason that someone will not be able to receive bonus turn each day? I haven't received one for three days now..

15:56:51 Jan 14th 10 - Archangel Argyle:

If you have more then 3 is one reason. If you don't vote on enough sites is one reason (minimum 5).

16:15:52 Jan 14th 10 - Ms. Black Mamba:

Have to be inactive 12 hrs to get the 12 hr bt.

07:17:03 Jan 15th 10 - Ms. Console:

@Argyle,I always used up all my bonus turns every day.. ^^

@Black Mamba,I'll check on that one..

Thanks! ^^

07:18:20 Jan 15th 10 - King Charley Deallus V:

Vote for 5 sponsor links in the Help VU page

Be inactive for 12 hours straight.  Stay offline for an extra 30 minutes because sometimes it is a little off.  Staying offline for 24 hours won't earn you 2 BTs.

07:32:10 Jan 15th 10 - Ms. Console:

@Charley,isn't it 6 sponsor links? I tried 5 but I didn't get one.. Clicked another and I got what I want..

07:35:51 Jan 15th 10 - King Charley Deallus V:

I think one of them isn't working right.  Normally I just keep clicking until I get it.

07:41:25 Jan 15th 10 - Ms. Console:

Thanks guys! ^^

16:14:22 Jan 15th 10 - Lord Braveheart:

You have to vote on 5 but the link from mmorpg100 is only available once a month. So voting on that link doesn't work :)

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