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Bonus Turns annoying
16:26:53 Dec 5th 13 - Mr. Salazarius:

Do bonus turns really attribute to the game? I'm sure someone has asked this a million times, but I'd still like some opinions.

I for one, do not support Bonus Turns. But that doesn't mean i'm going to champion some kind of protest over it. Thoughts?

17:40:45 Dec 5th 13 - Xerxes The Great (Sir Xerxes The Slaughterable):

I liked bonus turns back when you could vote and then recieve them, I took a break from VU, came back and there was no voting system, multi characters, and more worlds with a smaller player base.

00:44:41 Dec 6th 13 - Architect (The Architect):

Back when you could vote to get them a distribution was free and equal for all who chose to take part, bonus turns were a fantastic addition to the game. Since the has been done away with I don't believe they have any purpose anymore. Might as well be done away with all together. 

04:20:48 Aug 10th 14 - Ms. Inga Stinkfingah:

Personally just coming back and those are a godsend getting me to my start point. They are great for evading other armies if I remember right and if your occupied can help boost.

On saying that it would be nice to choose your starting point so you didn't have to start playing the game a day before actually getting to play the game if that makes sense to anyone.

08:54:26 Aug 10th 14 - Sir Isaac:

I personally also liked the old way. The current system makes the game unbalanced. If zeta reinstalls the old system we would have a more active base rather than people starting only to get bonus points. If traffic increase I wouldnt mind seeing ads for his profits if it the change can be reverted   

02:29:32 Aug 11th 14 - Djinn Bartimaeus (Bartimaeus The Busy Bee):

Yea like xerxes and everyone else pretty much. Ive been around a long time and DEFINITELY prefer the old VU system. Just as xerxes i took a break about 10 months and when i came back it was this new system as everyone explains. I still like starting with 3 because i personally save them until literally im in a dire situation ha

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