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Bonus Turns for Sponsoring
05:35:12 May 18th 13 - Juicebox (Mr. Theocoles):

Pages that link to Visual Utopia

ClicksUniqueAccessible *DelReward
An under appreciated Indie game in need of more members. It's called Visual Utopia and it's a free to play browser based MMO war and strategy game with diplomacy strategy, magic, and forum flame wars. Anything you could want from a free MMO. : gaming
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This game may look like 2D crap, but it's one of the best browser based MMO strategy war game ever created. - Imgur
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Accessible * means whether or not the address is accessible. If it's not accessible it's probably password protected (login needed). Or the address is misspelled. Or you forgot the http:// when making the link.

So that's 26 unique clicks, but I've received 0 bonus/sponsor turns. Why is that?

10:04:41 May 18th 13 - Electric (Electric Sliced Nipple):

i dunno if people have to put you as a sponser 

15:11:02 May 18th 13 - Juicebox (Mr. Theocoles):

Yeah but it says this,
 You will get one bonus turn for every 5 unique clicks and two extra bonus turn for everyone who starts playing the game!

Just post the address to the page where you made the link:

You can see all your links here: links to visual utopia

20:01:22 May 18th 13 - shyers (Mr. Shyers The Debaser):

BTs are for weak people.....and the rich

20:37:55 May 18th 13 - Kobuskan (Sir Kobu The Young Adonis):

You have received 3 bonus turns for linking to VU!

22:46:16 May 18th 13 - Electric (Ms. Gotha Warrior):

only certain people get BT's

02:07:55 May 19th 13 - Juicebox (Mr. Quentus Batiatus):

well thats... kinda dumb.

12:08:54 May 19th 13 - Pure (Sir Binh The Orc):

Its updated manually, just give the admin some time and dont waste his time on pointless threads like this.

14:49:26 May 19th 13 - Juicebox (Mr. Theocoles):

Oh yeah, good God someone wants to know something. I didn't know it was done manually. Now I do. My question is answered. Thank you almighty Pure, you super useful awesome human being. -_-

16:17:01 May 19th 13 - Pure (Sir Binh The Orc):

Thank you almighty Pure

I am glad you recognize my authority and dominance

04:55:54 May 20th 13 - Juicebox (Mr. Quentus Batiatus):

Okay, so I got my sponsor turns, another question though, If were to advertise through a non internet related source, say business cards or flyers (a couple local places around me have bulletin boards for such things, the only way I could get credit for that would be if they put my name as a sponsor correct? So the question is, do they need to put my nickname (Juicebox) or one of my 3 characters' names?

08:57:47 May 20th 13 - Pure (Mr. Hankys Souls):

Character name of one of your characters.

12:00:47 May 20th 13 - ZeTa (VU Admin):

You could make an image link thingy (QR-code) and link it to

and changing the id to your own. (can be found on the help vu/sponsor page).
Note though that you should link to the /mobile/ (like this example) version if the link is intended for mobile devices.

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