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22:29:10 Nov 30th 08 - Ms. Nina:

Hello all...

So I was wondering, "known" bugs are allowed right? They are recognised as bugs and they can be used right? For example, army can pass through closed gates if it started when gates were open.

My question is about the market price bug. I was reading and someome said that there is a bug with the price. As you know, when there are no resources on the market, you can put a pretty high price, basically as high as it lets you to put it... And then someome said you can even increase the price if you sell some more of that resource at higher price while you have some of it selling already. I tried that and it can not be done... Is that bug fixed or did I get it wrong?

And by the way, the thingie with the blockers, many blockers are passable even thought they are placed really well in between mounties, but still armies can pass... is that considered a bug in the game or people are not settling the blocker on the right place?


05:14:30 Dec 1st 08 - Sir Crimson Engel:

Its a bug but you doing it yourself is not possible you need at least 1 person to help ya out be it an enemy or ally :P
 just get someone else to sell a resource as high as they can buy all but 1 of that and raiseyour price up as high as it'll let ya then buy what you left to them so your the only one selling :P
Oh and blockers only block if the person closes their gates and if they can pass them then that means they didnt set the blocker up properly or it leaves just enough space for someone to move it dont take much. The only bug i know of is the bridge one but simple way to fix that put the city on the bridge :)

05:20:58 Dec 1st 08 - Duke Random:

you can do the market yourself, you just wait for your own resources to come up as high as you can sell it, then you re-sell higher, keep on doing that until you max out the market price :D

12:56:00 Dec 1st 08 - Ms. Nina:

Known bug using is allowed right? Its legal? :D

13:51:57 Dec 1st 08 - Duke Random:

of course :)

zeta would have put fixes in otherwise

17:46:31 Dec 1st 08 - Lord Cedric Deallus:

lol...that would involve some sure about that Random? ;)

00:21:06 Dec 2nd 08 - Duke Random:

well i haven't been banned yet :P

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