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Bug or Not
21:04:48 Jun 24th 09 - Sir Santa:

Magic Towers:0

Armies in the city: 0(Total of 0 men)

Thats the city. Nothing in there to stop my troops.

  • Our troops refuse to attack because we have no chance of winning this battle!

An army with XXX soldiers awaiting your orders, Sir Santa...

The City is defended by 0 soldiers who seem to be armed with magic weapons and mithril armor. The city is also defended by 116250 peasants.

Our strategists say that we currently have around 0% chance of success for any attack.

We have prepared 1 days for this attack. It will take another 12 days before our soldiers are fully prepared.

In the lesser worlds you can not take cities from rulers with less buildings then half of yours. Try to find someone your own size instead.

I can assure you, my troops are, hmm, at least 4 times stronger than the DP of the peassants. What is the problem? Is this the effect of one of those new updates?

21:06:20 Jun 24th 09 - Demonslayer The Confused Demon Farmer:

Pezzies defend themselves with AK-47s now.  The gun has been around a lot longer than you may have realized originally :)

16:30:35 Jun 25th 09 - Pirate Lewatha:

well if you're 4 times as strong than the pez. And you're prepping tick 1 out of 12, than it's pretty normal ...

16:35:17 Jun 25th 09 - Chancellor Ademo:

How's your morale?

16:36:49 Jun 25th 09 - Pirate Lewatha:

yup, just realized how to explain it.

your army is 1/12th it's real strength at first tick prep out of 12.

since you're 4 times as strong as the pez, you're 1/3rd as weak as the pez on first tick prep.

and you need to be atleast 50% as strong as the enemy army/city to get a %

and since you are only 33% as strong.

= no %

16:40:34 Jun 25th 09 - Commander Aligreat:

he needs 34% of the strength for 1%....he seems to be just weak enough to not havea %.

Its 1/13 ticks prepped aswell.

16:42:28 Jun 25th 09 - Pirate Lewatha:

even than... still is too low :P

the essence is true ^^

18:03:41 Jun 25th 09 - Mr. Mcmax:

Chancellor Ademo


16:35:17 Jun 25th 09
How's your morale?

Santa's morale is low. Very low.

But we have learned to live with it.

19:04:14 Jun 25th 09 - Mr. Penor The Large:

Or you cant attack because of 50%?

19:45:03 Jun 25th 09 - Sir Santa:

Thanks everybody :)

And no Penor, you'll get a % even with 50% rule ;)
And shut up Max!!! :@ You know you'll be on thé list...

10:41:28 Jun 30th 09 - Sir Evans:

santa....GT's!!! increase prep :P when will you just ask me :P

15:00:44 Jun 30th 09 - Sir Pesterd:

It can also be because he is only 1/3 the peasants strength on the first turn of preperation like Lewatha explained.

22:49:21 Sep 24th 09 - Mr. Divhine:

"In the lesser worlds you can not take cities from rulers with less buildings then half of yours. Try to find someone your own size instead."

problem solved, 50% rule.

07:33:04 Sep 28th 09 - Lord Stewie Griffin:

Sir Evans


01:41:28 Jun 30th 09
santa....GT's!!! increase prep :P when will you just ask me :P
The EITS shows 1 Gt in this u know why he never asks you :P

08:00:10 Sep 28th 09 - Sir Pure The Italian Lambo:

lol stewie

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