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Buildings and placement
20:53:23 Oct 11th 09 - Mr. Sina Tureli:

In one of the tutorials it says it is important where you build the buildings. For instance you should build guard towers close to the walls etc. But I have seen no option giving me the ability to build where I want? What is up with that? Thanks..

20:59:00 Oct 11th 09 - Mr. William The Vendingmachine:

haha no no thats not the case:-) its that you build mine cities close to mountains, the seem with tree's and food near water (or open plains).

21:03:45 Oct 11th 09 - Mr. Sina Tureli:

well I am quite sure it said somewhere something like that... I suppose it was about building a cluster of cities (specific for different tasks such as armory city and guard tower city) in a region of now removed great wall thing.

21:19:30 Oct 11th 09 - Lord Pools Closed:

You have to build the houses about 2 feet away from the group of mines. Guardtowers are supposed to be placed along the perimeter of your colony. Taverns right in the middle, so everyone can go get drunk after a long day of work.

21:21:10 Oct 11th 09 - Mr. Sina Tureli:


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