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15:14:06 Nov 30th 13 - Mr. Merlarthur:

Any suggestions what and how many buildings should i build for a...

Armory city
90k resource city
Magic city

15:18:16 Nov 30th 13 - SFD (Duke Zonds Fan Girl):

armory 7.5k arms and as many homes as you want/need GT's.
also taverns if your going against an orc>

90k 15k homes the rest resource cities, change the ratio depending on oop GT's

and MC no clue :P

15:18:46 Nov 30th 13 - Mr. Fellows:

3000 homes, 15k armouries, is maxed out really, maybe a few tavernes
Personally I prefer a few little ones... 1k homes: 5k armouies

Resource City.
1:5 ratio of homes:resource
Mines reccomended for gold, but if you are in range of trees or water, then the bonuses are still good

Magic city
Dont ask me ;)

16:18:19 Nov 30th 13 - Dark Spawn (Mr. Dark Spawn The Small):

7500 Armories give you same advantage like having 15000 Armories
So if you build 15k you will just be wasting money.

16:23:31 Nov 30th 13 - Jondy (Mr. Zamby Pokalips):

7500 armouries will be the most you will ever need in one city to get max training bonus. The other buildings you chose for this city should be based off of your race and if it serves as a blocker.

Since you specifically stated a 90k city, build 15k homes and the rest resource building. Simple tip would be to take the number of total buildings and divide by 6. That's how many homes you would need in your resource city. 40k/6 = 6667(rounded up) still gives 100% employment when full. 



23:09:11 Nov 30th 13 - Dont Look Down (Sir Kel Varnsen):

MC, some homes for mu stashing and a craptonne of MT. MT=range, i dont remember exactly but more then 70k mt wont do much for your range.

If you mage you should have armoury close by to shorten traintime and traveldistance, since time=money. 

There is a chance that you need a feedercity just for the pezzies beside your ecocity that you will need to move pezzies from. I dont know if this is as common nowadays would be nice if its confirmed/denied.

05:27:42 Dec 1st 13 - Mr. Papur Thick:

My opinion for MC;

minimum of 20k Homes, no more than 10k MTs if you are on the defensive.
minimum of 20k Homes, no more than 22k MTs if you are on the offensive.

As a side note, my MC usually has 7.5k armories as well to give excess peasants jobs and so I can produce my troops in.

MTs get supremely expensive for very little range increase beyond 22k MTs.

(Just my opinion)

01:42:02 Jun 5th 14 - Ms. Strawberry:

Resource City:

Total Available Space divide by 4, that'll be the number of homes.
Number of Homes multiply by 3, that'll be the number of resource buildings.
Reason: You will be sure to always have 100% productivity, thus getting the most of your resource buildings and you have spare peasants for training troops, especially magic units which require a lot of peasants. 

Magic City:

20K MTs gives the optimal range for casting magic.

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