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Changing Password
13:07:35 May 5th 13 - Mr. Derpester:

Hello all.

I need to change my password. But when I registered my account I typed garbage into the "real name" box not knowing why it was used. Since I now suspect someone has gotten into my account, I really urgently need to change my password. Nobody has replied to me in hours in the help chatroom, so I am posting here.

13:32:19 May 5th 13 - Konspyre (Captain Polarbear):

People usually don't use the chatroom. I know I don't, atleast. Haven't used it for eras. If you play on Fantasia, get your KD mates' Skypes and use that to communicate. If you don't play on Fantasia, then go play on Fantasia.
As for the password thing, I can't help. :)

14:11:46 May 5th 13 - Mr. Derpester:

Ahh thanks for the information, I'm still pretty new to VU. Tbh if I can't change my password I might need to make a new account for a new era, but that doesn't help me with the current era which is not open to new players any more. I'll battle on.

14:16:26 May 5th 13 - Tyr (Sir Tyrgalon):

Message the admin (zeta), his the only one who can help with that really :)

14:23:53 May 5th 13 - Mr. Derpester:

Thanks, I will do that.

14:27:25 May 5th 13 - Mr. Derpester:

Unfortunately, "There's no ruler named zeta.".

14:52:11 May 5th 13 - Konspyre (Captain Polarbear):

He's called Admin in-game. VU is his title.

18:13:08 May 5th 13 - Dakarta (Prince Dakarta):

In case it wasn't clear.. To message him, type in "admin" and it'll go to him.

20:49:02 May 5th 13 - Ms. Nicole Pwn:

use the forget password function. it will include in the forgot password email it sends (assuming you remember the email you signed up with) the full name you used when you signed up.

02:49:16 May 15th 13 - ZeTa (VU Admin):

Send me an e-mail to from the email account you signed up with. 

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