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Character new update
21:44:51 Aug 9th 10 - Princess Aisha:

Will we get an explanation from admin about this new addition to the game, The Character?

We are allowed to have 3 different characters on 3 different maps right? Can we use this for next era?

22:26:45 Aug 9th 10 - Lord Canucks:

so we can be on 3 different worlds?

22:26:46 Aug 9th 10 - Mr. Homoflag:

how to delete account? rofl 

02:59:15 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Joki:

Once their dead you have the option to delete the account, but I dont know about the character Dx

03:03:20 Aug 10th 10 - Ice Prince Zephyr:

why I just have one option about tittles?why just Mr. ? wheres my Ice Prince zeta?

03:19:54 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Hermes:

this is a stupid update u can have multis on the same world

14:44:23 Aug 11th 10 - VU Admin:

Multies on the same world will be deleted. Login to the characters you want to keep and let the others go inactive.

19:01:16 Aug 11th 10 - Mr. Koss:

zeta this is a very confusing update please post something to explain it completely

19:12:07 Aug 12th 10 - Mr. Vesperus:

Is it possible to delete a character?

13:51:59 Aug 13th 10 - Mr. Dargoth:

Only when it is dead.

14:13:41 Aug 13th 10 - Lady Cao The Nasty Creature:

he means if you have 2 characters on the same world one will be killed off.

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