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City Gates
06:18:30 Jan 13th 10 - Mr. Dwarfnub:

Just going to ask a quick question. Throughout the whole entire time i've been playing this game, i've always thought that closing/opening the gates never affected dp or prep time. I have never noticed any difference when people have attacked my cities or when I attack theirs and therefore, I have never asked the question before.

But there seems to be a lot of people lately who say that walls won't do anything for the defence of the city unless the gates are closed. I don't think this is true, but am just asking for confirmation :)

06:24:47 Jan 13th 10 - Chancellor Ademo The Hellbunny:

Walls only increase prep time now, not add defense to city. This works whether the gates are open or closed.

Closed gates only do two things:
1. Prevent enemy armies from moving over the top of your city, and
2. Allow people to take your cities on 50% protected worlds, regardless of your size.

06:28:51 Jan 13th 10 - Mr. Dwarfnub:

yeah I thought so. Thanks for confirming it Ademo :)

07:35:01 Jan 13th 10 - Mr. Dalak The Dodgy Gynaecologist:

Having gates closed also means that anyone on the map can see your city regardless of LOS..

15:53:38 Jan 14th 10 - Ms. Console:

Thanks for these info.. ^^

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