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Closed gates issue
17:16:03 Mar 12th 13 - Mr. Godo Shaggins:

as you can see i am barely touching this city and yet it says i cannot pass THROUGH it. how am i supposed to prep on it if i can't touch it?

17:29:23 Mar 12th 13 - Lady Leila:

It just means that you came too close. But just a tiny bit too close
If you try moving just again, just lil bit further away from the city, you will prep on it.

17:30:47 Mar 12th 13 - Pure (Pure Better Than Rox):

Its a bit annoying however you just prep  a little further away from it. It gets easier with experience don't worry :)

An advantage to attacking a city with closed gates is that you can actually prep from slightly further away which can help in certain circumstances :P

18:09:21 Mar 12th 13 - Mr. Godo Shaggins:

I found a spot prepping on the city finally. but my army doesnt even appear to be touching the city. Oh well. What are you gonna do

19:38:19 Mar 12th 13 - Lady Leila:

You have to think of it this way:

Think of every town having a cube around it.
So you can attack the town where ever you stand on the red line.
Even in the area that I put yellow circles
Means you would appear as totally outside of the town, but still you prep...

20:21:22 Mar 12th 13 - Mr. Sable of The Black Hand:

That's a very useful illustration

17:57:02 May 4th 13 - Zephyr (Marquess Esmeralda):

Use Control+C I think that should do it, not too far or you will end up wasting another turn.

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