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05:00:29 Sep 23rd 11 - Princess Bloodrayne:

I have a few questions about internet connections and IPs of two different computers. So, my sister has a laptop and I have a computer, same internet provider but I noticed someone said since its a different computer it has diff IP. She has wireless and I have wired internet, dont know if that makes any difference.
So I wanted to ask, technically if she wanted to play could she, would it be multiaccount, she would not be playing from my computer, only the laptop?

06:28:36 Sep 23rd 11 - Polydeuces (Konig Polydeuces):

Technically you could both play from a single computer, just let zeta know what's up.  I know Ajax and I used to live together for a while, and we used the same computer because we only had one.  Though, yes you would have a different IP address when using a different computer or in your case a laptop.  If only slightly :p

06:39:41 Sep 23rd 11 - Princess Bloodrayne:

Actually no, long time ago I wrote to admins, it was confirmed that we can play (back when she did not have computer) and then in one multi sweet we both got those 24 hour bans or how was it back then.
And it was right in middle of war so I think we died while being banned :) though later we were unbanned, that still does not work cause you can always get banned anyways.

06:43:43 Sep 23rd 11 - Polydeuces (Konig Polydeuces):

Hmm, we just told Admin that we were only able to use one computer, and for almost 6 months of play were not banned even once.

06:45:35 Sep 23rd 11 - Mr. Pibblez:

Actually, no. Your IP would be shared, unless getting your internet from different modems/sources. It's the provider/company that gives you your IP address(es)

Either: she's using something like Verizon wireless service and you're using your home modem (Comcast or some local company), then that'd be different IP's.

Or: you're both going through the same modem (perhaps through a router that acts as wifi access point and allows you to use ethernet cords as well), it's the same IP. 

First case, shouldn't have to worry, unless you play on each others computers. Second case, should likely give Zeta the heads up to avoid any undue bannings. 

06:46:16 Sep 23rd 11 - Princess Bloodrayne:

Was that when admin gave up on the game and did not come online for several months at all? :)  Dont know if admin does any multi sweeps any more really, hope he does though.

06:52:25 Sep 23rd 11 - Polydeuces (Mr. Nota Greek Hero):

If you really want to know about this IP issue, go here........

"If two computers on the same network have the same IP address ... well, the results are unpredictable. It depends on how all the other equipment on the network handles the problem. In general it could be as bad as both machines not being able to communicate at all. More likely only one will not be able to, or perhaps there will simply be intermittent problems on both."

Quoted from the website.

Same website different question, explains more directly the issue of how it should work.

06:52:44 Sep 23rd 11 - Mr. Pibblez:

He does them every so oft. There was one not *that* long ago, where Jenna, barny, (only notables I remember) and a fair few others got hit with the banhammer. lol

^ I think that sorta over-complicates 

06:55:42 Sep 23rd 11 - Polydeuces (Mr. Drakovia):

00:46:16 Sep 23rd 11 - Princess Bloodrayne:

Was that when admin gave up on the game and did not come online for several months at all? :)  Dont know if admin does any multi sweeps any more really, hope he does though.

Haha, don't know if he'd done multi sweeps or not but we'd spoken with him multiple times about it as well as other things and we were never banned so who knows.

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