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Couple of Questions
20:38:55 Jan 30th 12 - Princess Aisha:

Hi! I have a few questions:

1. If I plunder someone's city that has only homes and lumbermills, will the plunder only give me tree or could I get gold too? Or does gold stay only in towns that have mines and warehouses?

2. What does this actually mean?


Will store 100 times more of your resources than a farm/mine/mill. *

So if I have 1000 warehouses, and they keep 100 times more then mines
Means 1k warehouses is enough if you have 100k mines in all your cities?
If you have 1k warehouses when someone does a plunder and you have less then 100k mines, there's no way they can get anything from you?

3. When someone preps on you, and they hide a scout bellow their main army... I forgot to how find the army id of that army... could someone explain to me what is the process of finding army id?

4. When human ability mobilization is activated, what is the percentage of troops that will be lost due to that option?

20:51:22 Jan 30th 12 - Tyr (Mr. Tyrminator):

1. Mostly of the resources that the production buildings produce.

2. A city stores a certain amount of resources compared to how large the % of said production building is in that city of all those buildings that the player owns. So in other words 1 warehouse equals having 100 of every resource building in that city.
But this isnīt very accurate when the amounts get larger, but thats the theory of how it works as far as I know.

3.Thats something I would actually like to know as well :P

4. VERY small, its totally worth the cost in any situation.

Hope this helps :)


22:30:21 Jan 30th 12 - HorusPanic (Mr. Polymer):

1) As Tyr said but you will also get gold relative to the number of tax payers and homes the city has

2) I also explain warehouses by saying 1 production building is 1 storage unit and a warehouse is 100 storage units. The game divides your resoures to even amounts in all storage units (accounts for mines/stone, lumber/tree, farm/food). so if you have 1,000 warehouses in city A and 100,000 mines in city B (and no other cities in this example), plunder amounts would be the same

3) in your News page you can see which armies are prepping... if that doesn't help, look at the code

4) agreed, but build some taverns to keep your morale up

(why am i helping my enemy???)

04:01:53 Jan 31st 12 - Mr. Aloysius:

3. have at least an EITS chance on the prepping army... load the web page that looks like this...


Are you sure you want to order the Shamans in Aloysian Army to cast Eye in the sky upon  with 50% chance of success?

We have 173 magic power from this range.

If we fail the spell we will lose 1320 Shamans!


then... right click and view the page/frame source. Find the text "Are you sure you want to order the..." in it and scroll down to see the army id and city id in the combobox. :D


<form name="form1" action ="castSpell.asp" method="get"><input type="hidden" name="vuid" value="">Are you sure you want to order the Shamans in Aloysian Army to cast Eye in the sky upon <select name="enemy" onchenge="document.form1.submit()"><option value="c408668">Testing City City (owned by Mr. Fred The Terrorist)</option><option value="a1178019">Scout VIII (owned by Mr. Costing)</option><option value="c412201">Antras Ble City (owned by Mr. Elsin)</option><option value="a1192350">People of Boom (owned by Mr. Boom)</option><option value="c411016">Blackmarket City (owned by Mr. Hamish The Third)</option><option value="c412703">Dontcomehere City (owned by Mr. Hamish The Third)</option><option value="a1208227">Gnat Killer (owned by Sir Leviathan)</option><option value="c412154">Black Fort City (owned by Mr. Devi)</option><option value="a1209631">Adios (owned by Sir Leviathan)</option><option value="c410404">Unpassable City (owned by Mr. Night Stalker)</option></select> with 50% chance of success?<br><br><input type="hidden" name="caster" value="a1207752">We have 173 magic power from this range.<br><br>If we fail the spell we will lose 1320 Shamans!<br><br><input type="button" value="Yes, Cast the spell!" onklick="document.form1.sure.value='Yes'; document.form1.submit();">&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;<button onklick="closeWindow()">No! Do NOT cast</button><input type="hidden" name="spell" value="Eye in the sky"><input type="hidden" name="spellX" value="6429"><input type="hidden" name="spellY" value="6562"><input type="hidden" name="world" value="1"><input type="hidden" name="sure" value="No"></form>

check out the bold text.


the number after 'a' means army id and 'c' means city id. 

you can then put the army id in the url...<armyID>

hope this answers no. 3.

05:06:58 Jan 31st 12 - Haldimir (Mr. Haldimir):

or try teleporting the scout... a faster way but costly..

06:48:23 Jan 31st 12 - Zond (General Hug):

or be a real warrior and kill the army to see the scout!

09:19:35 Jan 31st 12 - Endless (Ms. Mazikeen):

don't tell her how to find the scout, she wanted to find me :p

18:17:15 Feb 7th 12 - heroix (Mr. Heroix):

If you have Chrome you can Ctrl+Shift+I it would open developer tools. Click little Inspection (Reading-glass) icon and find an army with it. Now on the right side of developer tools there is such thing as "". Un-check "position: absolute;". Now the army is gone from your screen.

As a developer I find it easiest way, but it might be because I'm used to it.

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