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Crush walls
17:42:49 Apr 1st 12 - Mr. Trolface:

Can i crush walls wit low MP but high persentage or dis t like freeze n locust? that i slow them by 0 turns etc.

19:30:01 Apr 1st 12 - McMax (Mr. The Roc Star):

Yes you can. 0-1 wall or - if you are lucky - a few more.

The effect of your spell only depends on your MP. The bigger the better.


But you also HAVE TO consider the %-chance for success.

If it is too small you loose everything involved in the spell (mages and Magic Towers (MTs)).

If it is too big you will - eventual - loose much more mages and MTs than you "need" to do. Your spell will have a very bad "economy" so to say.

Your option is to place a part of your mages into a "buffer-army" and prepare for the spell again. Note what the differences are.

Continue until you think you can live with your outcome vs. what you might loose (if you succeeds). Then - and only then - cast the spell.

21:42:55 Apr 1st 12 - Mr. Trolface:

thanks man ur a great help.

what do u gues the minimal MP is that u need to say crush a 100 wall

00:00:42 Apr 2nd 12 - Mr. Ignis The Fearow:

forget, ,it :)

09:08:18 Apr 2nd 12 - McMax (Mr. The Roc Star):

I'm sure "someone" like Barny could come up with a very decent guess IF he had all information about you and your army AND all information about you enemy and the city involved.

Don't try to find the theoretic minimum unless you know how the game-engine is working (as far as I know, no-one knows all details (even Zeta doesn't know it all and get some surprises even though he is the programmer :big-grin:)).

17:30:39 Apr 2nd 12 - kzoolczat (Mr. Imakenoisesaymiaow):

your magic power proly equates to grape crushing at current time, not wall crushing.

go crush grapes...for now.

16:22:45 Apr 3rd 12 - Mr. Trolface:

lol I crushed the walls coolcat.. youl have to wait for your wine..

17:50:42 Apr 3rd 12 - Mr. Ignis The Fearow:

yeah the only left is ,to ,take ,a ,citie

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