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Defense of cities
21:49:05 Aug 26th 11 - Mr. Sauronjr:

Does army which stands just below cities name defend it?

I ask because I was having army on a blocker. Enemy destroyed blocker, passed and my army was left untouched on same spot.

21:51:45 Aug 26th 11 - Zond (Mr. Sharpty):

If your army is inside the city it will defend it.

In your case, your army was in the city, but the city was wrecked so it went away having no buildings inside. Which left your army sitting in the open.

23:05:45 Aug 26th 11 - Mr. Sauronjr:

If my army was in city it should defend it. But it didn't.

23:44:04 Aug 26th 11 - Zond (Sir Elf Test):

The city was wrecked, as in there no buildings inside it. Only wreckages.

So the city went away

23:57:19 Aug 26th 11 - Mr. Ensign Xlviii:

Depends, if you set it a bit off, it could just not count as on the town. Need to make sure it's centered. Also, if you were kicked or changed kingdoms while your army was on the blocker, there's a glitch where you'll need to repath your army to get back on it. (effectively kicks you off towns, even your own)

01:23:32 Aug 27th 11 - Ms. Faith:

If the city was destroyed (orc burn and destroy?) then his army would be hit too? Or not?

You can check what your army is doing on army page...
If the Located says on mission then its not in city... also camping means not in city, it should give you the city name...

Choose army Morale Exp. Located Upkeep

98% 8 City of Faith 92552

01:27:21 Aug 27th 11 - Zond (Mr. Hysteria):

His army was in the city, but the city was taken and the player wrecked all buildings inside. If you go to the build page at the bottom it also also you to destroy buildings. Which is what was done. they city was then taken and returned to the owner, his army went into the city and nothing was rebuilt. Thus making the city go away and leaving his army citing there in the open.

02:17:21 Aug 27th 11 - Mr. Ensign Xlviii:

ahh.... that was info that was not included in his post. lol

03:00:29 Aug 27th 11 - Zond (Mr. Hysteria):

xD im in his kd. so i got inside info ;)

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