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Define Power
05:04:37 May 1st 12 - Foggle (Mr. Fark):

(if you paste in something witty about watts from wiki I'll send the boys round with bats)

Ahem. There are lots of good theories around, but they're all a bit vague. I assume a kd's P (i.e. the %P ratio in the kd table) is a sum of the kd's ruler's powers, which also follow from their armies' powers, but...

A simple equation would be good to see. Or at least an up to date list of the actual genuine bone fide variables. I assume:

(sum all (troop lvl * troop count))
op & dp?
cities taken

Some of those look redundant to me. Has anyone actually ever seen the equation ever before ever? Will we end up falling back on the old tales of what it used to be?....

Best wishes, F

08:49:00 May 1st 12 - Tyr (Mr. Tyrgalon):

Only land matters as far as I know.

11:41:27 May 1st 12 - Grandmaster Of Imperia (Duke Moses Igba of The Mbororo):

Armies does matter as far as i know 

12:08:23 May 1st 12 - Tyr (Mr. Gerisecond):

Well then its very little compared to land. Have countless times been in kds with lower power than our enemies, and then totally crushed their main armies even tho they had 150% our power.

19:06:43 May 1st 12 - Grandmaster Of Imperia (Duke Moses Igba of The Mbororo):

It does have a say , and althought it is smaller it is not insignificant , your likely reason for destroying them was due to the level of troops , quality of troops is not taken into account on score boards 

22:04:14 May 1st 12 - Heripy (Mr. Twicetheman):

land makes up the biggest portion. However troop #s and rank of troop makes a difference.

Id say 
75% land
15% troop #s
10% rank of troops

this is why you see halfers up on top all the time.

23:15:59 May 1st 12 - Mr. Ignis Alerteyes The Legendary:

How many soldiers y have 

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