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Delay turn
22:34:03 Apr 20th 14 - Mr. Duwan:

army movements are not shown until after the turn that the movement order was issued , exception to scouts so super-active halfers can't abuse this; and bonus turns count towards a turn having passed.

meant to post this in suggestions :/

22:44:32 Apr 20th 14 - Princess Aisha:

You want to remove one of the aspects of the game tactics.
Many people set path somewhere to try to trick people, and change it just when tick changes. If you do not want people to know where you're going, move in last seconds of the tick. If you can't be online that much, that is a shame, but you should not remove the tactic that more active players use.

22:57:12 Apr 20th 14 - Mr. Duwan:

The tactic is still there just expands to less active players ones. I dont see why using a mechanic that requires you to be on at specific time is fun or needed.

23:02:04 Apr 20th 14 - Percy (Mr. Inception):

Its simply a reward for activity. If you aren't very active, then you lose some of the benefits that active people have

04:27:25 Apr 21st 14 - The Real Josh (Mr. Necronn):

Disagee, I like to know where people are going when I see their army, also I use the tactic where I move in one direction tgen move in another direction at the last second to avoid a larger army or catch a weaker army it doesnt matter how its use but it is used my ALOT of players and ti remove it to assist a few inactive players... I think not

05:46:19 Apr 21st 14 - Mr. Duwan:

It doesn't reward activity, it rewards activity at a certain time.

And to Josh, I don't see how this update would effect the tactic, it would still be possible to do that you just would not have to wait until the end of the turn to do it.

11:59:18 Apr 21st 14 - Princess Aisha:

Duwan, when you're trying to escape a large army, you set path east, and then the enemy matches the path. And in the last second you switch the path to west and then at tick change your enemy went east and is further away then he/she was due to the change of direction.

Also when you're chasing someone, its difficult if you don't know where they are going, you can't set up tactic to try to trap the person. Its just not realistic if you don't know where the army is going.

03:57:22 Apr 24th 14 - Mr. Duwan:

These tactics can still work since it still shows where they are going provided they set a path in the previous turn(s) it just means people can do them or screw up your plans all turn round instead of just the last 20 seconds.

07:07:17 Apr 24th 14 - The Real Josh (Prince Sladen):

Ok so your telling me if your army is close to the enemy but just not close enough to attack you cant see them move?

Its unrealistic. 

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