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Do you still talk zeta
00:20:19 Jan 22nd 13 - Mr. Hankypanky:

Hey :D

00:26:10 Jan 22nd 13 - Zond (Mr. Wtf Game):

zeta does. but you... you are an inactive no for good bum :P 

00:41:04 Jan 22nd 13 - Mr. Hankypanky:

I'm downloading skype as we speak and msn also. Come talk to me on skype.

00:41:19 Jan 22nd 13 - Mr. Hankypanky:


00:42:44 Jan 22nd 13 - Zond (General Cozen):

you deleted it? same skype right? :P

00:48:11 Jan 22nd 13 - Wilberforce (Mr. Samlag Usling):

He rarely replies to messages.... At least from me :(

He may reply on MSN/Skype still but I wouldn't put it passed Johan!

11:00:56 Jan 22nd 13 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

he talks on steam!

11:48:10 Jan 22nd 13 - Pure (Ms. Late Starter):

He talks on the Visual-utopia facebook friend page.

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