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Do you want an Orc guide
17:00:23 Aug 30th 13 - Mr. Smallfry:

Do any new players or old ones (who don't know how to play orc) want an Orc guide?

18:43:32 Aug 30th 13 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

While back everyone wanted a guide how to get 30k Gaia at out of protection. So feel free to explain.

19:18:40 Aug 30th 13 - Mr. Bad Bell Mate:


19:58:45 Aug 30th 13 - Mr. Oops:

30k is pretty easy -- it wouldn't be polite to tell you how to put yourself behind the curve that much.  ;-)

20:03:49 Aug 30th 13 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

Now when I think about it, having 30k Gaia is nothing as its very easy to defend against that. Nevermind.

20:15:20 Aug 30th 13 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

30k is a really low amount, but the tactic is obsolete now

22:28:28 Aug 30th 13 - NazT (Mr. Meaner):

all this talk about 30K+gaia. I don't think its possible. and if it is, there is no way you are gonna post it.

22:32:26 Aug 30th 13 - Zond (The Bohning):

most vets get 50-60k oop.. 

23:38:38 Aug 30th 13 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

50-60k peasants?

23:40:27 Aug 30th 13 - Mr. Bad Bell Mate:

gaia require peasants? wat

23:41:58 Aug 30th 13 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

There's no way anyone can get 60k Gaia:)
Last era we were discussing how its hard to get 30k Gaia, and now this.
I am guessing its just trolling.

23:42:50 Aug 30th 13 - Mr. Smallfry:

You're doing pretty good at 40-45,000. 

You're maxing out at 60,000. 

23:54:37 Aug 30th 13 - Zond (The Bohning):

Lets go to lower world, ill show you right now. 

00:17:34 Aug 31st 13 - Mr. Salazar:

One way to royally screw up an orc is to screw up the market, so getting 60k won't always be possible. 

One of the keys to an Orc's success is to native resources that 1) they won't use, and 2) that they can't sell for more than native price. 

00:53:09 Aug 31st 13 - Mr. Ignis Moraigish:

It works best when people buy on the market from

01:53:02 Aug 31st 13 - Zond (Mr. Eta):

Here is my character i just made to prove it.

I may not get exactly 60k, due to being stuck in bed for next several days and not suppose move around (Only got a desktop atm). But ill get close.

Also ive mailed someone i near to prep me and show im not lying and changing numbers. 

See you guys when i come oop in 65 days.

02:45:44 Aug 31st 13 - Prince Erythnul:

would it not be more impressive on a higher world where oop time is shorter ? 65 ticks is a bit longe then what higher worlds get .....

Just saying not dissing you Zond :-)

02:53:10 Aug 31st 13 - Ms. Alith:

Zond, a few things: 

1. Which world will you be playing on?

2. Is this world just starting, or is this a world that is already going? (Since this will change what normally does or doesn't sell, and how much. For example, late era will sell stone at .95, which isn't startup cost).

3. What map are you playing on? (Likely to impact what resources are or are not sold)

4. Are you going to drop inside someone's core to make the situation suit? This may or may not alter what you build. 
Note for newer players: If he starts in someone else's core, he probably won't make 60k gaia. If he gets to build an eco city in safety and drop a tiny city in an enemy core, then he will probably make 60k if all conditions are properly met. 

Zond, I'm asking these questions because some of the newer players might think to themselves, "Oh, I can do this on any world, in any situation. All I must do is follow the Vet Orc 60k Drop Guide." 

02:55:02 Aug 31st 13 - Zond (The Bohning):

Well i would, if the higher worlds were open :)

Its Valhalla, open for 3 days. And just a bit longer than normal oop time. and ill have the gaia ready much quicker than before im oop. dont worry. ill keep you updated. 

Edit: Ill also only sell stuff at normal native prices, just to show. 

07:44:53 Aug 31st 13 - Ms. Nicolepwn:

i don't need a guide from you on anything. thanks anyways though!

08:09:57 Aug 31st 13 - Mr. Fmworst:

60K gaia is 6 million worth of gold. Which would require:

1) an enormous amount of food nativing, and ideally a lot of halfling farmers buying your wood

2) a one city drop (two max)

3) no gts in cities

4) a very ideal drop spot; and

5) almost no life for the first 24 hours of the game in order to generate the maximum velocity of resource production possible.

I am absolutely not interested in:

1) completely not sleeping for this game (I stayed awake for >40 hours when I killed Legacy in era 37, Juicy in era 40 and Revelation in era 43 and I no longer want to repeat these experiences),

2) setting back my long term potential for a short term power boost that only works against nubs, inactives, or folks who just can't be bothered.

3) adopting a strategy that can be stopped completely in its tracks by a well coordinated kingdom.

I've gotten 40K gaia with a 3 city drop and about 500 - 1K GTs in each city, but it required constant internet connectivity and for me to shorten my sleeping period, and everything I did had to be absolutely precise. I had to revolve 2 entire days of my life around being able to access VU at almost every hour. Fucking stressful as hell.

Just remember... if any "vet" tells you that they get 60K gaia OOP, then they were obviously playing a nub world where there is no market pressure, or they were staring at the screen for the first 24 hours of the game none-stop. And this is why I have absolutely no interest n playing Fantasia. I've no interest in fighting an activity duel with a bunch of folks with limited responsibilities in other parts of their life.

P.S. I was told that Wilberforce was very proud of the "record" he set for most number of gaia ever generated OOP..... he threw a whopping 70K gaia into the battlefield.

48 hours after OOP.

11:10:49 Aug 31st 13 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

P.S. I was told that Wilberforce was very proud of the "record" he set for most number of gaia ever generated OOP..... he threw a whopping 70K gaia into the battlefield.

48 hours after OOP.

give over, wilber doesnt make attacks 

16:05:20 Aug 31st 13 - Mr. Salazar:

Fmworst is correct about one thing at least - Orc OOP takes an incredible amount of activity. 

17:23:54 Aug 31st 13 - Zond (Mr. Eta):

As it stands. 

I landed, was online for 5 ticks. Slept for 11. Just woke up. 

17:38:39 Aug 31st 13 - Tyr (Sir Tyrgalon):

30k gaia is the usual that people get out, its easy to stop even alone unless your playing dwarf or elf who get screwed over if they get mili first.

I have a few times held of orcs as troll that some kd mates fed. Stopped those orcs from taking even one of my cities when I had 2 cities to defend allowing kd mates further of to farm up and taking care of the orc that way. Dunno why people think its so strong and dunno even more why people fail against it.

17:45:58 Aug 31st 13 - Zond (The Bohning):

Prime example: Fant. A kd it getting demolished by an orc because of no gts. Now hes fat and fed. 

Gts will shut down just about any orc.

Even elf and dwarf can defend. As being those 2 races you should be aware of orcs and know to either mail someone for a few troops (if each person puts 1k gaia, then add up quick to defend from an army), or simply make some troops them selves. Elf can spam ghosts like a boss (just ask anyone whos seen my go elf oop fighter), and dwarf can spam swords or go hammers (which are honestly better than going halfer/pony oop).

Then again.. it all depends on your game knowledge, awareness, activity, and if you have a kd. 

19:01:58 Aug 31st 13 - Mr. Fmworst:

23:05:20 Aug 31st 13 - Mr. Salazar:

Fmworst is correct about one thing at least - Orc OOP takes an incredible amount of activity. 

I'm right for all of it. Full stop.

If you want to have exactly 60K gaia on the 49th tick of the era when the first player comes OOP, then it is as described in my post. If you want to have 60K gaia at "OOP period" - as in the first few days after protection (hell, even the first 2 days after protection) - then yeah, most Toms, Dicks or Harrys can pull it off.

01:18:35 Sep 1st 13 - Zond (Mr. Eta):

Here is an update.

All stone has been natived at .4
Most eras you can also option to sell at .5-.8 depending on how many people stg. I simply went with .4 to show how much gaia you can get with basic activity, and common market prices.

Tree is usually always high when in protection, then will drop after OOP.. or sky rocket to point of no tree on market. 

05:30:55 Sep 1st 13 - MUSE (Lord Middle Earth):

To get 60k gaia after 49 ticks, you need an income of close to 145k per tick averaged.
I don't think that it is possible to get such an income together with the troops. I'm even 100% sure about that!

Anyone who can get this, RESPECT!

15:15:02 Sep 1st 13 - Binh (Mr. Booger):

You can get 60k gaia ready at 49 ticks mark with perfect market conditions (selling trees for 3 gold each), nativing food/stone at max price during protection and a 16 hours activity  on your first day (you don't have to play 16 hours straight. You just have to be able to build every tick for that first 16 hours). Second day can be less as it isn't as important as you have already build what you needed during the first day.

I almost made it this one era without the 16 hours activity. However not alot of people was buying trees that era in protection phase. So I end up nativing all my trees for max native price instead which is a huge decrease in income.

Also I must comment that anyone that train only gaia oop is foolish. You must have 2-3k mus available straight oop if you don't want yourself locusted/freeze to death or even roffed by an organized kd. So subtract about 7k-10k gaia off your total and that's what you will realistically get if you want to fight a good kd with good mage.

01:37:47 Sep 2nd 13 - Zond (Mr. Eta):

5 ticks active after landing. 11 inactive. 

Currently have 17 ticks left of protection. making my current time 48 hours if i were to be OOP right now. 

Mil 4. 2k mu. 30k gaia ready. 20k in training. 

Given online time. this is a decent amount + i have mu. Which if i were currently planning on killing someone, i wouldnt need them. As im in a corner with a troll. Which is another 5k gaia. 

Essentially, i have poor online time when first landing. i made mu. i also only sold stone at 0.4. Meaning i could of got at least 0.6-0.8 in a normal scenario. Also sold none of my food, and few of my tree. 

If simply read through my posts. You can see 60k gaia is very doable OOP.

For those still in doubt.. after mine and binhs post. Try it yourself ^^ 

01:39:05 Sep 2nd 13 - Mr. Smallfry:


19:42:03 Sep 2nd 13 - Mr. Fmworst:

As I have said - perfect market conditions is the key phrase here. If market conditions are not perfect, then you are going to be glued to your internet access device at almost every tick, trying to squeeze out the maximum amount of gold you can native your food and wood at, before market pressure screws it up.

Also, as I said, what I achieved was 40K gaia MARCHING at the 52nd tick of the era. With a 3 city drop. With 500 - 1K GTs in each city, which allows ALL my troops to go out. 60K gaia at the 49th tick of the era is probably achievable. But without perfect market conditions, it will demand a high price in your personal life indeed.

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