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19:02:15 May 6th 11 - Prince Espion:

Alright I donated 2 separate times and one payment was for my Title and the other for 3 Bt's and this was almost 3 days ago and I still have nothing? Its been like an actual year since ive played this game almost so I cant quiet remember if it takes this long or if something new is in put?

19:10:31 May 6th 11 - Ms. Arwen The Cougar:

How did you send the money? ^^

21:38:15 May 6th 11 - Prince Espion:

Credit Card. I have the emailed receipts so Idk wuts wrong?

02:34:55 May 7th 11 - Puppy Fracker:

I think he has an msn lying around somewhere. lol I think he responds to it a lot quicker with this sort of stuff.

03:46:16 May 7th 11 - Prince Espion:

Well he needs to care kuz that's money lol but ill email him i might have it from before :p

01:18:33 Jun 2nd 11 - Mr. Fafnir:

Zeta's msn is I believe.

01:26:11 Jun 2nd 11 - VU Admin:

The turns are added manually. That's why it sometimes take 3 days. 

If you have not received them after 3 days you should send an e-mail and I will answer you personally.

Send to:

06:43:06 Jun 2nd 11 - Mr. Barny:

The timeliness of your response is pretty ironic Zeta.

11:46:08 Jun 2nd 11 - VU Admin:

It's Fafnir's fault for topping the thread!

14:10:56 Jun 5th 11 - Mr. Fafnir:

Yep, it is my fault......... lol

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