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Early Era Productivity
21:38:40 Nov 29th 12 - Ms. Szeph:


I have a question about productivity,

I settled my first 3 citys, and ive been building mines and homes in my 2 mining ones, and homes and tree into the third. I also have a 4th settled as an Armory.

The productivity on the production cities are at about 40%, and i have many more production buildings in the Q. What im wondering is, while the productivity is so low, should i now be putting most of my income into the Armory while i wait for productivity to catch up on the production buildings?

I cant see the point of building more into them if i dont have peasants to work in them, unless they generate income without the peasants.

So my next question is will a city that has 5000 mines, with enough peasants to work in 2500 of said mines, produce only the stone and gold of 2500 mines, or will it produce the stone and gold of 5000, yet only have 2500 peasants pay tax?

Also i was Wondering how much tax each peasant pays,

Thanks for reading

21:46:08 Nov 29th 12 - Zephyr (Marquess Roland III):

Peasants, productivity goes low if you do not have enough peasants, if you dont have food peasants wont move to your city so keep a good amount of it.

21:47:30 Nov 29th 12 - Zephyr (Marquess Roland III):

''So my next question is will a city that has 5000 mines, with enough peasants to work in 2500 of said mines, produce only the stone and gold of 2500 mines, or will it produce the stone and gold of 5000, yet only have 2500 peasants pay tax?''

All depends how near is the mine from the resource, also while you build more mines, the total amount produced per mine decreases.

22:08:39 Nov 29th 12 - Ms. Szeph:

Ok so what your saying is that mines/mills/farms will produce resources even without peasants?

Lets say i have a city that has 10k mines, that produces 6 gold and 5 stone each turn, but that city has 0 peasants, would it still produce 60k gold and 50k stone each tick?

if so...

how much more gold and Stone would i get with the exact same city, only with 50k peasants in it now? would it continue to produce 60k gold, 50k stone, with an increase of tax being the only difference?

thanks =)


22:10:16 Nov 29th 12 - Zephyr (Marquess Roland III):

''Ok so what your saying is that mines/mills/farms will produce resources even without peasants?'' 


It only produces resources if it has peasants.

22:29:53 Nov 29th 12 - Ms. Szeph:

Ok so i did a little experiment to find out, with interesting results.

My city currently has roughly 40k peasants, they pay about 80k tax and the gold mines make 94k

I made a new army, and transfered 5000 peasants to it and checked the production page, The Tax dropped by about 10k, but the gold from the mines stayed at 94k.

I did that three more times taking 5k more out each time, and the amount of gold from the mines stays the same, but tax keeps going lower.

Next i removed the rest of the peasants from the city, with 0 peasants it produces no Tax, no gold from the mines.

The thing that i found interesting is that when i put 1 peasant back into the City, it produced 94k gold from the mines, and that was with 1 peasant. so it would seem that as long as you have one peasant in your city, it will produce the same amount of gold/stone/tree as if you had 40k peasants, except you dont receive Tax.

So it is worth it to keep building in a city with low production as you are only missing out on tax, not income from the mines/mills/farms as i thought.

As an after thought, when the city had 1 peasant I made 2 gold from tax, so each peasant must pay 2 gold tax/tick?

22:48:46 Nov 29th 12 - heroix (Mr. Unicorn The Rapist):

The more peasants you have in town the more each pays. So the human 200k'ers are the most efficient in tax payment.

01:16:13 Nov 30th 12 - Sir Skald:

Not certain about this Szeph, but I think your experiment misses the fact that productivity doesn't drop instantaneously, it decays slowly the longer there are job vacancies. So in your city with one peasant, the mines would still produce a high quantity of gold and stone, but over time the cities productivity would decay and each mine would produce less and less each time the game ticked. Anyone with more experience want to confirm that/call me a dumbass?

01:39:31 Nov 30th 12 - Senturu (Mr. Senturu God of Evil Spam):

the lower the productivity the lower gold produced from mines.


IE: if you have 1 peasant in your city your production will drop. as it gets lower less and less gold is mined.

i was watching one era (just bored) and noticed i had two 90k citys. 1 with only 25% production and the other with 80% production.

the 80% produced more gold/stone than the 25%

but as the 25% increased (thanks to slaves) it produced more and more gold/stone.

02:28:12 Nov 30th 12 - Ms. Szeph:

I'm aware productivity doesnt drop instantly, i think i read somewhere 1% per tick, but that doesnt really sound right.

When you take all peasants out execpt for one, the tax loss is instantaneous, but the resource collection stays the same. I guess becuase the productivity % controls the amout of resources gathered in the city, and its unable to drop faster than 1% an hour so it keeps it at the same level untill enough time passes,

I didnt want to loose the 70k income and so my experiment was quite short, playing with what i could do instantly, I didnt consider that the productivity was keeping the production where it was because of the limit it can drop, an interesting lesson none the less.

That still leaves My original Question though, is it pointless building more mines into a mining city that has low productivity, if peasants determine how much gold is going to be made, shouldnt i be waiting on peasants rather than just filling it up with more mines/homes?

If thats the case then my gold is better spent building into my Armory, becuase by the time productivity catches up with the mines being built, ill already have enough resources to build in it.

I think everyone has misunderstood my original question, thinking i was asking basic questions about why my productivity is low. I understand all of that, all i wanted to know is am i going to loose out on income by not building into my mines, WHILE they have 40% productivity.

If there already isnt enough peasants to work in all of the mines, which is making my productivity drop to 40%, building more at that point is pointless?


02:47:48 Nov 30th 12 - Senturu (Mr. Senturu of The Golden Spoon):

yea sure. build up your armory. then train troops and then kill someone

02:52:55 Nov 30th 12 - Ms. Szeph:

Haha yeah i will, im just being over technical, I've already settled late and want to get the best start I can, 

I understand what I was asking now anyway ^.^


02:53:10 Nov 30th 12 - Sir Skald:

I think to a large degree yes - doubling mines should halve productivity and so it'd be a waste of money - however as we discussed this would be ameliorated to an extent by the fact that productivity does not decline precipitously.

What you should then do in the circumstance depends on how population growth works. The simplest thing as far as I can see is to increase the number of your productivity cities - more cities = more peasant growth. Though you then have to balance this benefit with the issue of a) the cost of creating a new city and b) the fact that building more mines in a city increases the bonus per mine.

I read in one thread that population its tied (partially) to the number of homes you have, so that peasant increase in a city with 1k homes would be faster than with 2k homes. I dont know if this is true but i've been trying very high home to production building ratios in an effort to stimulate peasant growth, and then later on in the cities life, concentrating solely on production buildings until the ratio hits the magic 1:5 homes to mines/lumbermills.

03:23:25 Nov 30th 12 - Ms. Szeph:

So i guess then i need to find the balance where i can continue to get my Armory up, yet build enough, but not to many mines as to upset the balance between peasant growth, and falling production % to maximise income and city expansion without falling behind on overall production, being elf should help as we have faster pessie growth i think.

But ive still found my production in new cities falls to 40% or lower before starting to fill up with peasants and catch up with how fast im building mines into it, maybe the answer is in giving the Peasants a head start by building homes first, then maybe that will keep them ahead of the construction that pushes productivity so low,

I Read somewhere to that less than 80% productivity slows the growth rates but that just doesnt sound right, it would make more sense that low productivity would increase growth, becuase your city needs the peasants. It would be interesting to see the actual forumula's to pessiez growth, but i guess trial and error will have to do,

This early its not really practical for me to settle another city, as im already sitting on 4 now, and trying to find a balance to get as big as possible as fast as possible, pezzie growth is huge in the game, especially when you just settle, so im trying to learn it as much as possible. 

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