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Easy resign
15:40:36 Mar 29th 13 - Micwu (Sir Godo Shaggins):

There needs to be an easier way to resign/delete a character. Having too many cities is a burden. I want to get to Latha but all my characters are alive so I can't. And it's expensive to wreck buildings to suicide and if you do so you lose your production to continue doing so. Now I have to wait until the Kingdom we're warring comes in at their own leisure and kills us slowly. Not fun

15:54:50 Mar 29th 13 - Zond (General of Hate):

if it was made easier people would feed each other cities.. so it must stay like it is

17:26:02 Mar 29th 13 - Mr. Bidimon:

How do I resign and restart if all I have are a couple scouts?  I want to stay with my kingdom but have been killed off, no income or cities just 3 scouts?


19:15:09 Mar 29th 13 - Yukan (Mr. Arata):


or make a city then empty the scouts of units and let em die...

20:18:12 Mar 29th 13 - Captain Common:

Have you tried going to the 'Character' page and resigning?


01:52:30 Mar 30th 13 - Ms. Nicole Pwn:

wrong. answer is merge scouts together -.-

03:43:56 Mar 30th 13 - Yukan (Mr. Arata):

assuming they're close together...

04:04:02 Mar 30th 13 - Pure (Mr. The Other Half):

Do what captain common said

04:09:31 Mar 30th 13 - Yukan (Mr. Arata):

Obviously that isn't gonna work since the only time you're told that you can't resign due to too many armies/cities is when you look at the resign/restart box -.-''

Edit: was looking at the starter lol...

for Mr. Bidimon that might be the case.

18:44:44 Jul 15th 13 - Mr. Pazuzu:

I have been playing under 2 weeks and i Created 3 characters. Have not been playing with 2 of them since I created them trying to find a server I liked and the kingdom that I joined on the one server is at the end of the era and planning on moving to a dif server. since the other 2 characters are still in protection is there any way to resign one of them so I can go with since none of the characters are on the server they are moving to?

19:13:29 Jul 15th 13 - Xerxes The Great (Mr. Xerxes The Warrior):

You can't resign in protection. The quickest way would to create a city, transfer everybody into the city and wreck it.

20:04:23 Jul 15th 13 - Mr. Binh Ladinh:

You can try messaging "admin" if he's feeling in a kind mood he'll resign your character 

21:00:13 Jul 15th 13 - SFD (Lord Spying For Death):

I have not read anything past the second post...,..
remember your own name, then you can resign :P

08:54:36 Jul 17th 13 - Mr. Neopazuzu:

still having issues.tried to spawn on valhalla and it put me on a upper world. what am i doing wrong. the rest of my kingdom moved there and have been there for a few days in rl. Feel like i am missing out. please help.

10:05:57 Jul 17th 13 - Dark Spawn (Mr. Dark Blight):

From what I can see, you did spawn on Valhalla, it shows as you did

Mr. Pazuzu          	Heritage            	Midgard             	Alive
Mr. Neopazuzu       	-no kingdom-        	Valhalla            	Alive

What do you mean it put you on higher world, it didnt...
Please explain.

09:13:01 Jul 18th 13 - Mr. Neopazuzu:

I'm guessing one of the admin moved me. All taking care of. thanks.

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