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Effect of locust
22:26:35 Mar 26th 12 - Mr. Trolface:

I cast Locust on a prepping army and got the following msg:

''Casting Locust from Tollface upon Squire II with 84% chance of success... and Successful!A swarm of locusts is sent to The Squire II from Mr. Dycedarg Beoulve hindering their preparations. We lost 38 Mages and 6 of your magic towers got destroyed in and 6 of your magic towers got destroyed in explosions.''

So dit it work? did it reset its prep time or do i need more magic power??

23:48:16 Mar 26th 12 - Princess Aisha:

Yes it was successful, if you failed you would get that message KaKaKaKa it failed or what ever it says :)
You can never know how good the spell was, depending on magic power.. if you had low magic power and spell was ok, it would not affect his prep at all, or maybe just 1 tick longer prep... If the magic power is higher then you could make enemy prep much longer then he usually needs.

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