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Employment Production
17:10:58 Jul 20th 10 - Mr. Winston:

Does the employment % stand for the amount of people available for work or the work available for people?

Say the employment rate is 75% and the production is 100%, does that mean there aren't enough people for work, or there isn't enough work for people?

17:16:19 Jul 20th 10 - Fire Lord Nova The Sleeping Dragon:

not enough work for the people. IE, more pez then you have jobs available. (GT/MT/Armories/Warehouse/Farm/Mine/Mill)

08:44:49 Jul 22nd 10 - Sir Biffy Clyroheran:

you have 25% unemployment... therefore your city needs more jobs/buildings. if you had 100% employment and 75% productivity, you would need more employees.

16:17:55 Jul 22nd 10 - Master Orrises The Cutthroat:

Employment        Production
Add Jobs            Add People

Employment AMOUNT subtract jobs subtract people (houses multiplied by 25 people) = jobs you need

16:14:38 Sep 14th 10 - Mr. Testicle:

hey, I'm struggling with a lowering production percentage,

if i build homes do more workers come along?

16:53:41 Sep 14th 10 - VU Admin:

If the employment is 80% and you have 250 peasants, that means 0.80*250=200 peasants are employed and  the other 50 peasants do not have a job.

17:01:36 Sep 14th 10 - Mr. Testicle:

my employment is 100% but my production is 56%, it says i need more workers but i dunno how to get them

22:39:06 Sep 14th 10 - Sir Hnodri:

they come in each tick and you can move them from other cities or free slaves

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