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End Era Stats
18:46:37 Aug 5th 09 - Mr. Justin:

I was just wondering if we restart and go to a different world do we keep those stats like kills for the end of the era scores or do we lose it all entirely?

19:11:28 Aug 5th 09 - Sir Santa:

If you restart, you lose it all.
If you die and do not restart, I think your kills etc stay in the list, not sure though.

19:17:25 Aug 5th 09 - Mr. Justin:

lol darn i was hoping that i would keep them :(

01:42:03 Aug 7th 09 - Sir Penor The Overwhelming:

Nope, you're destined to be a loser forever :)

01:44:12 Aug 7th 09 - Sir Pubeguin The Hairy Cheezburger:

like opportunity

20:53:27 Aug 7th 09 - Sir Penor The Overwhelming:

*Looks around for someone with a nickname "Opportunity"
I can't see any opportunity, sorry :/

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