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12:55:33 Dec 27th 08 - Mr. Darkond:

How long is an Era? I'm reading alot of posts and when ppl say that they have done 20+Eras it sounds like Eras are short.

12:58:08 Dec 27th 08 - Lord Frost Wraith:

Current date: 12/27/2008 12:57:45 PM (VU Day 120, 824 days left)

Its on your news page

13:01:48 Dec 27th 08 - Mr. Darkond:

so they last about a long month

13:04:01 Dec 27th 08 - Dark Lord Finwe:

the older eras had no definded ending time and were only ended by arma so they could be much longer, this era seems to be shorter then others as well

13:06:48 Dec 27th 08 - Lord Frost Wraith:

I'd hazard a guess and say its so that Zeta sees how the new updates will affect the game?

13:17:23 Dec 27th 08 - Sir Perkunas:

when i started it was like 60days i think lol

02:25:45 Dec 28th 08 - Mr. Sloth:

Typically it is 2 months to an era but years ago they sometimes lasted for 3 or 4 months.  I have played about 20 eras and it has been almost four years

20:19:35 Dec 28th 08 - Mr. Killer:

It's only around 50 days or so these eras, you'll always(on any decent multiplayer game anyway) have a few players that have played for years(if they're fairly old games...)

07:26:53 Jan 5th 09 - Mr. Raymond III:

Everyone starts from scratch when a new era begins, correct?

08:17:13 Jan 5th 09 - Duke Random:

correct :)

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