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Explain Warehouses Please
14:56:28 Sep 20th 12 - Mr. Dracula:

Could someone tell me the point of warehouses in the game?
If you are not able to keep your resources safe, whats the point in building them?

Stores one hundred times more resources than farms/mines/mills.
(All buildings can store an unlimited amount of resources)
Built: 5000 Build:

As you can see, I built 5k Warehouses, and the town is deep in the core, safe, nobody can reach it. I was told that once I have warehouses somewhere safe, I do not have to worry about anything...

And then this happens

    (Army name) lead by Mr. (Ruler Name) attacked and took over (Town Name). They also took 1691245 gold, 1194157 stone, 2742758 tree, 5287796 food and 19188 slaves from us! And 56779 of the peasants in the city where taken as slaves! We lost 0 Farmers, 0 Slingers, 0 Pony riders, 0 Illusionists, 0 Adventurers and 56779 peasants in the battle.

And I had around 9 million gold (1.7 mill is taken?)
Similar around 8 mill stone (1.2 mill taken)
Had about 11 mill tree (2.4 mill taken)
And I think more then 15 mill food (5.2 mill taken???)

So I did not have any extreme amount of resources, why did I loose this much resources ??????

15:46:39 Sep 20th 12 - Mr. Karta Killa:

Because all your resources are stored in all of the cities with Mines, Farms, Lumbermills and Warehouses. Warehouses store 100 times more than other production buildings, but the production buildings still store a number of your resources. So if you lose the city you lose some resources, but if you have Warehouses in another city, most of your resources will be in that city, so you won't lose as much if other cities get taken.

17:00:55 Sep 20th 12 - Zephyr (Marquess Roland II):

Normally warehouses are far from the front lines to store resources and cast the Spell STG(Stone to Gold) to convert the stone stored in that city to gold.

10:30:20 Sep 25th 12 - Mr. Dracula:

It was my mistake... I took that city again and noticed there are 1000 warehouses there, I did not see it before, my mistake not to check towns that I take...

I destroyed the warehouses now, so that would mean that plunder would not give that much resources now that all my warehouses are in the core, right?

11:14:55 Sep 25th 12 - Mr. Karta Killa:


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