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Favorite OOP strategies
02:49:31 Nov 6th 12 - Mr. Salazar:

As the topic says, talk about your favorite OOP strategies! 

(Now wouldn't it be cool if the professionals answered this)

04:03:05 Nov 6th 12 - HorusPanic (Mr. Zidane Tribal):

to start, i'm a modest guy so i won't make any claims on my ability (good bad or indifferent, i'll let others flame away). but i'd be happy to talk strategy with anyone... i've been playing a long time and i generally have 3 openings (like chess)

to be good though, you have to understand how to react to different situations... see an incoming army... spamm troops or GTs... wreck and run..? who know... the situation will tell you what to do.... i digress

that being said, i have 3 openings, depending on what the team needs

1) oop attacker - typically orc or halfling. but this could also apply to troll or human. i haven't tried it with dwarf or elf. i go mining 3 with orc, mining 5 with human or halfer, and just mili with troll as i can afford it. first city is trying to be a mine/lumber city. i dont build farms until my 3rd city generally. my second city is trying to be a nice big size (56 - 90k) and will be a mining/armory. typically building at a 1:1:1 rate. keep in mind the situation is telling me how many GTs to build. with orc i'm training hammers and nazzies... i really love hammers. with halfers i'm going straight ponies. i only make slingers when i'm worried. after mid game advents only. with trolls or human its lvl 1 and lvl 2.... heavy on lvl 1 until i have a few thousand.... then start to get higher lvls. with troll soon after OOP i start throwing a few zerks in training so i can slowly build up a big army. the key at OOP is to SCOUT and know what cities are easy pickens. there are always some undefended cities that are begging to be taken. slaves are awesome to get at this point.... i'll end here for now... but one thing that i alwasy do a few times each era is attempt a swarm of 6 - 10k OP divisions.... like 10 of them

2) farmer - any race (except elf) i try to get my first city then 2 90ks or if human 1 200k and 3 feeders (25-40k)... straight mining sciences until lvl 7-9 (race dependent). not much more to this since we're only talking OOP strat

3) mage - halfer or elf only. i'm only mediocre here, and i'll have to say i think my halfer mage is SLIGHTLY better than my elf. get that magic to lvl 4 by OOP so you can get freeze. first city is the same mine/lumber. second is a rainbow 1:1:1:1 home:armory:MT:mines, third is a mine:farm, forth is as needed. but... my key to magic is building an honest to god MC... pure MTs. its upkeep heavy but if used correctly really magnifies your casting ability. basically make a MU army, send to MC and transfer - cast - transfer. DONT LEAVE MUS IN CITY WITHOUT BEDS!! to be able to cast at OOP you have to start training pretty much immediately.

04:19:59 Nov 6th 12 - Jesus Left Toe (Lord Jesus Left Toe):

My Favourite OOP strategy?

NAP everyone close and farm.

04:21:02 Nov 6th 12 - Zond (Mr. Coolio):

I think he meant something he doesnt already know. 

05:14:44 Nov 6th 12 - Muffin Man (Mr. Hobbitz):

HorusPanic, thank you for writing all that out. I'm a new player and was actually looking for something like that. Thanks. :) 

05:37:00 Nov 6th 12 - Zond (General of Legend):

we have a guide tab on the menu bar and you can find me there. i also give out info and such ^^

08:44:50 Nov 6th 12 - Electric (Mr. James Doakes):

Horrus you put 3 in mining for orc oop... ?

12:49:34 Nov 6th 12 - HorusPanic (Lord Horus):

yeah, i go 3 mining while still in protection... so long as i have a good start i can easily afford mili 9 later with orc

13:20:26 Nov 6th 12 - heroix (Mr. Heroix):

But why.... It doesn't boost your income that much, but it makes military waaaaay more expensive. What's the point of having more troops than other orcs if yours are a lot weaker.

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